Pupvana how big will my puppy be

How do you know how big a puppy is?

It is always an interesting question what will become of the dog's child. It is still small with googly eyes, clumsy and awkward. However, it won't be long before the pooch will turn into a dog. How big is it then, that small dog animal? A question that many dog ​​owners ask themselves. And many want to know how they can tell how big their dog is.

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The first characteristics of the puppy

Let's start with what doesn't tell you how big a dog will get.

The paws are the first that say absolutely nothing about the future size of the dog. A puppy with big paws doesn't have to become a big dog and a puppy with small wickets doesn't have to stay tiny. Whoever started this myth, who knows, at least it persists, but completely wrongly.

A second wisdom says that the growth nodules, i.e. the bumps a puppy has in the middle of its front legs, provide information about the future size of the animal. Even that is not correct in any way, it is simply invented.

The most important criteria

But - there are criteria that make it possible to estimate the future size of the dog.

The very first is race. If it is a pedigree dog, this breed is subject to certain breed standards and thus also a certain size. It can vary a few inches up or down, but by and large, pedigree dogs are a uniform size. A dachshund is always small and short-legged, a great dane large and long-legged. There is nothing to be shaken about, you can always rely on that. In a given way, this will have been clear to most of them beforehand.

Now what about the mixed breed dogs? How big do they get?

Well, that question is a lot harder to answer. Fortunately, there are some criteria that at least provide information about the rough final size.

One of the criteria is the size of the puppy. If he is between 20 and 28 cm tall at eight weeks, he will probably measure 40-48 cm when fully grown. A puppy that is significantly larger at this age will probably be significantly larger as an adult dog and will certainly reach over 50 cm.

Facts and rules of thumb about your puppy

A dog shorter than 8 inches by eight weeks is likely to remain a dwarf.

It should also be noted that the dogs grow the most between the third and sixth month of life.

More interesting tips

Gender also provides information about future size. As a rule, males grow larger than females.

It is also an advantage to know the parents of the mongrel. If the dam is small, the offspring are unlikely to be huge either. However, the father's size is just as interesting. However, this is often unknown in mongrels. What is exciting is the fact that every dog ​​can reach a different size from one litter.

If you want to know exactly, you can visit a veterinarian. He can use x-rays to determine whether the dog is already fully grown. The distances between the growth joints provide information about this.

For the particularly impatient, there are calculators on the Internet that try to calculate the future size of a dog. The reliability of this bill is an open question, but it is definitely cheaper than the vet.

The question is, is all of this necessary? If you are interested, you can take care of it. But being surprised is also a great thing.

Because whether big or small, the best friend of humans is anyway the dog!

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