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How do you make a Pippi Longstocking costume for carnival?

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Even if Carnival is still a long way off, there may be times when you have to attend a masquerade party or that our children want to host one. So why not make a nice costume right away?
Even when our ideas are scarce and we don't have a lot of ingenuity, we could choose a celebrity who kept us company in our childhood or adolescence and who is part of our memories. Pippi Longstocking is one of those characters who can be remembered for his way of being so funny, with people and with life! It's a character that inspires a lot of compassion and can add a touch of madness to the evening. Numerous books and numerous series of films signed by Disney have made it known to everyone. In this guide, we'll see how we can make the wish of many come true and laugh together: we'll see how to make one Pippi Longstocking costume for carnival. Loved by children and teenagers, but also by adults, it is one of the costumes from Simple carnival implemented. The ease of manufacture, the cost, the easy-to-find material that the character can remember for a memory nice costume. Making at home is very simple and requires little time and materials that are available at home or in some stores at cheap prices.


  • An old apron or long shirt
  • Some big and colorful buttons
  • Scraps of fabric in different colors
  • Two pairs of socks with different patterns and colors
  • A pair of boots and two laces of different colors
  • An orange spray for coloring your hair
  • Two pieces of wire as long as the child's hair
  • A brown make-up stick

The shirt

As many will remember, the character of Pippi Calzelunghe was very resourceful and imaginative, a young girl who could find solutions to any problem that arose and who had dressed up bizarrely with the same imagination. We need to repeat this fantasy and choose the right materials for the costume.
We are going to need pieces of clothing that we can easily put a few pieces of cloth on. We can do this procedure in two ways: sewing if you have a sewing machine and practical, or with tissue glue. We sew buttons on shoulders and pockets and wherever you want. To make it original (but remember Pippi) you could add buttons depending on your imagination and the style you want to give the dress. Even a carnival dress can be stylish! A very fine striped shirt is also recommended.


Did we make the shirt? Well! Now we are preparing the stockings. These must be made of wool if you wear the dress in winter, otherwise even socks that are reminiscent of Pippi's fantasy could be a solution. Long wool socks with different patterns, very colorful. We cut out a leg of one of the two stockings by putting on a pair of full socks and overlapping them with the cut leg. This way the legs will have different colors.

The Scarponicini

Now let's see the boots: how to make them? We choose a pair of high winter shoes or there are also light ones (if the masked party takes place outside of Carnival or winter holidays). All we have to do is replace it with very bright very brightly colored shoelaces. Or as an alternative to colored shoelaces, we can also use cotton ribbons.


Let's see how to complete the costume by adding makeup and hairstyle to it. We know Pippi Longstocking for his special red streaks and lots of freckles: these are his special features that make him recognizable. We will imitate these specifics. Remember it has braids straight out? Let's see how to imitate it. We proceed by dividing the hair in half and gathering it into two tails attached with an elastic band and inserting a wire into each of these, which must be held in place by the elastic band. Color your hair with a commercially available, washable and non-toxic spray and use a brown pencil to make the makeup with lots of freckles on the cheeks.
On the other hand, if you want to speed up the process and avoid spending hours making braids or not spraying your hair with spray, there are very convenient pre-made wigs on the market that you prefer and are easy to wear.
As a last attempt at coronation, Pippi Longstocking used to go around with a little monkey on his shoulder to make the costume even more like the figure with which one could put a stuffed toy of a monkey on the shoulder, a loyal and ever-present friend of our sweetheart. The disguise is ready and the fun can begin!


Never forget:

  • Use whatever imagination you need to create the dress
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