Actress Tara Chowdary pictures of spiders

Celebrity traffic jam in the party clinic

VIPs celebrate at the "13th Street Shocking Short"

Celebrate until the doctor comes? The docs were already there at this event! On Tuesday, the 13th Street Shocking Short was awarded as part of the Munich Film Festival. This time again in an unusual and new location: namely in the former Munich health department in Dachauer Straße, which had been converted into a "Serological Clinic for Thrills" for this evening. The waiters wore white coats instead of aprons and served drinks labeled “Wound Disinfection”…. As always, a little shudder was included: every year, the best short films from the genres action, thriller, crime, horror and mystery are selected by young talented directors at the “13th Street” event - this year for the 18th time.

Numerous prominent patients were also "admitted" to the party clinic for an evening: hostess and chief doctor Katharina Behrends (Managing Director NBC Universal Global Networks Germany) was able to include Wayne and Annemarie Carpendale, Kostja Ullmann, Tom Beck, Benno Fürmann, Welcome Collien Ulmen-Fernandes, David Dietl and Lothar Matthäus-Ex and model Liliana Nova.

Moderator Wayne Carpendale led the evening charmingly for the first time - his wife Annemarie (in “Self Portrait”) was allowed to enjoy the evening in a relaxed manner: “I have already seen this event in the hunting museum, in jail and in the power station,” said Wayne Carpendale. “And now in this cool and funky location. The event is always a highlight. Today I can moderate first - and then have a little partying. ”What is his attitude towards horror films and the like? “As a kid, I saw the James Bond film with Sean Connery, in which the spider crawled across his bed. For weeks after that I always looked under my bed for spiders ... "

Actress Collien Ulmen-Fernandes was spot on at the event. “Before I got together with my husband, I never watched films in which creepy characters walk through the picture. But since I've known him I've been infected with this film virus, "said the actress, who came without her husband Christian Ulmen:" He takes care of our child at home. "

Actor Kostja Ullmann hadn't stopped by the doctor before, but in the pharmacy: "I ate something wrong yesterday and got something for my stomach quickly," said the actor, who looked quite fit again on the red carpet : “This is my first time at this event and I'm very excited. As a Hamburg resident, I don't know the Munich Film Festival very well, but since I just started filming "Bella Germani" in Munich, it worked out very well. "

No longer on the Munich party floor: Lothar Matthäus Ex and model Liliana Nova, who stood non-stop in the flash. She came to Munich especially because she recently shot for the station alongside Tara Reid and Ian Ziering for the latest part of the cult trash series “Sharknado”. “I am very happy to be here today. Even if I miss the premiere of a film in which I play in Los Angeles today. I always enjoy coming to Munich because I have a lot of friends here and my family lives here. "She was accompanied by her mother Lana:" We Skype every day, but unfortunately we can't spend that much time together because I spend so much abroad am That's why I use every minute here in Munich. My mother is still my contact person number 1. "She is now not only getting started in the film business, but also in the fashion business:" I've just come from Paris, where I was traveling for my new fashion label "The Spiders from Arts" . A cool streetwear line for boys, but women can also wear these things. ”For her it was a lightning visit to the Isar:“ Tomorrow I will visit my grandma in Kiev. I promised her that. "

After the show on the red carpet, the award ceremony followed in the “waiting room”. On this evening, young director Josef Brandl was pleased to receive the coveted trophy for his contribution "Nicole’s Cage". He's going to Hollywood soon! In addition to the prize, the winner can look forward to participation in the coveted "Universal Filmmasters Program" - a kind of backstage pass for Universal Studios in L.A. and the great opportunity to make contacts in the dream factory.

"The 13th Street Shocking Short is a great party, but first and foremost it is a wonderful prize for young talent," said Katharina Behrends.

The ten most exciting films were selected by a prominent expert jury, which included Oscar producer Max Wiedemann, actress Ulrike Kriener, author Friedrich Ani, actor Oliver Korittke, actress Luise Befort and Karin Schrader (program director NBC Universal International Nreworks) as well as Stipe Erceg . Erceg has a full program during the film festival: “Tomorrow is the premiere of the new series“ Culpa - Nobody is guilty ”, also from 13th Street, in which I play the main role of the priest. This is only my second Munich film festival; I was here for the first time about ten years ago. I especially like the wonderful weather here. "

"I have a special connection to this award because we started making short films ourselves", said jury member of successful producer Max Wiedemann (came with his partner Tina Kaiser). “There is hardly a platform for short film makers, so this is an awesome event. Talented young filmmakers get a platform and attention here. And the ticket to Hollywood is of course a great opportunity. It's a door opener. But then you have to go through it yourself. "

In view of the location, a short survey among the VIP guests. Who likes going to the doctor, who doesn't, and who is hypochondriac ...? Actor Benno Fürmann: “I'm not afraid of doctors, except maybe the dentist. I'm a big fan of short films, an art form that is unfortunately underestimated in this country - that's why I'm here. "

Actor Oliver Korittke: “I hate doctors, especially dentists, and I hate syringes. But if necessary you can get drunk here later ... ", he said with a smile.

Also present: actress Aylin Tezel ("I have already directed a short film myself and I know how much work is behind it"), actor Tom Beck with acting colleague Nathalie Schott, presenter Sebastian Höffner, entertainer Gloria Gray, who in Outfit came, actor Max von Thun, actor Michael Guillaume with wife Georgia (“We like to watch crime formats, but only during the day, together and on the iPad, then the horror is only half as big”), actor Manou Lubowski (“This event stands for the future. New talents are introduced, which is always very refreshing "), male model Papis Loveday, actor Thure Riefenstein, Natascha Grün ( clothing rental), presenter Nova Meierhenrich (" I'm more of a scaredy and watch privately at most a vampire film, but no horror films. But still I was excited about the films, there is a lot of work behind them. And the nice thing is that I am here meet many dear friends ”), costume designer Lola Paltinger with husband Andreas Meister, fashion designer Sonja Kiefer with partner Cedric Schwarz, and much more.

Pictures: Gert Krautbauer for 13th Street