How to write hungry in Chinese

04/25/2009, 21:09  
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[HOW TO] Write in Chinese

I'll explain to you quickly how you can write in-game in Chinese without using anything annoying like on-screen keyboard or something.

Path for everyone:
begin -> Control panel -> Regional and language options -> (rider) keyboards and Languages -> change keyboards (It is definitely called that in Vista)

Right click on that DE Icon in your system tray and then on Settings walk

Now when you get there, click on Add, then on Chinese (simplified, PR China), then on the keyboard and finally on Chinese (Simplified) - Microsoft Pinyin IME.

With this Pinyin notation, when you have pressed a letter on your keyboard, you can usually select a character with a number. You just have to in-game OLD+SHIFT press and then it could be that your PC hangs a little (don't know why, it's just like that, so keep switching with ALT + SHIFT if you don't need it). If it gets too annoying, go to the keyboards overview and simply delete the Chinese keyboard. I hope I helped you a little, have fun with it.

You wonder what does this bring? This is an advantage if you play on servers where we are not wanted, there you can invent a Chinese name for your player and also open a guild, with Chinese characters of course.

If the thread was helpful to you or you think it is good, I would be happy about a THX.

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