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255 Incredible Facts - The Only List You Need To Know

Since our Facebook page - Bluefacts - is becoming more and more popular and people are looking for incredible facts more and more often here on the website, this time we not only have 10 new facts for you but a total of 255 incredible facts that you have certainly never heard before.

In 2012, a new species of ants was discovered in New York City. Scientists named the ant species “ManhattAnt”.

The longest limousine in the world is almost 31 meters long and has 26 wheels. It is equipped with a king-size water bed and has a small helicopter landing pad and a swimming pool.

In Denmark it is a tradition that friends and family shower you with cinnamon on your 25th birthday if you are not married by then.

The Titanoboa was the largest snake that ever lived. The animal, which is 14 meters long and weighs over 1.2 tons, was up to mischief in the tropical rain forests of Colombia 60 million years ago.

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On August 9, 1965, Singapore was officially excluded from Malaysia, making it the first country to involuntarily gain independence.

In the United States, it is a legal requirement that eggs must be washed before they are sold. However, the EU stipulates that eggs cannot be washed before they are sold. Both laws were introduced to protect against salmonella.

"Snakes Venom" is the strongest beer in the world with 67.5% alcohol. It therefore contains more alcohol than whiskey.

NASA has two identical satellites that orbit the earth and repeatedly measure the distance to one another in order to detect deviations in gravity. Their nicknames are "Tom" and "Jerry", as one satellite is always "chasing" the other.

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Regardless of their size, all mammals take an average of around 21 seconds to empty their bladder. Scientists also speak of the “law of urination”.

The largest cinema in the world is the Kinepolis in Madrid with a total of 25 different halls and 9,200 seats.

The newborn baby of a blue whale is already eight meters long and weighs more than eight tons. In the first year, the infant gains about 80 kilograms per day or 3.3 kilograms per hour.

All four daughters of Karl Max were given the name Jenny, named Night of his wife Jenny Marx.

If you could run an iPhone on gasoline, one drop would be enough to use the smartphone for a whole day.

Only six of the 100 oldest people of all time are male.

When Great Britain returned Hong Kong to China in 1997 after years of colonization, it was agreed that Hong Kong should continue to be a democratic state with its own laws, its own economy and its own currency. However, this agreement expires in 2047, so from then on China will have complete control over Hong Kong.

The PlayStation 1 controller that was sold in North America was about ten percent larger than the controller that was sold in Japan because Japanese people, on average, have smaller hands than North Americans.

The world's first vibrator was patented as early as 1869 and was operated by a small steam engine.

Some roads in Australia are so long that the Australian state counteracts the risk of fatigue by playing small trivia games on the side of the road.

The "Blue Java" banana is a special form of the banana with a blue exterior and a light vanilla taste.

The average Bugatti customer owns 84 different vehicles, three airplanes and one yacht.

Since 1896, a soccer field in Germany has to be free of trees

Did you know that the brain blocks out superfluous things, such as the second "that" in a sentence?

Brit Jack Reynolds became the oldest person to get a tattoo at the age of 104 in 2016. Then, a year later, he became the oldest person to ride a roller coaster.

In 2002, long-distance runner Tom Johnson competed against a horse in an 80-kilometer race. He ran the distance in five hours and 45 minutes, finishing ten seconds ahead of the horse.

On March 23, 1994, Aeroflot flight 593 crashed in a hilly landscape over Siberia, killing 75 people. Recordings from the voice recorder proved that the pilot had put his 15-year-old son behind the controls of the aircraft at the time of the accident.

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The Paricutín volcano in Mexico was not formed until February 20, 1943. Witnesses report that on that day they worked in the corn field and heard a dull "pop". One day later the volcano was already ten meters high and the next day it had grown to 50 meters. A year later, the volcano reached a height of 336 meters and began to spew out lava. The volcano is now 424 meters high and still active.

The Christmas tree that is put up in London's Trafalgar Square every year is always given to the British by Norway. The tradition has existed since 1947 and is intended to express the Norwegians' gratitude for supporting the British during World War II.

The concept of the "Rap Battles" goes back to the fifth century. At that time poets competed against each other in a public competition in which they rhymed insults and sexual perversions to one another. This tradition was particularly popular in Nordic and Celtic cultures. There are stories about the Norse god Loki, who rhymed to insult other gods, and references to it are even made in plays by William Shakespeare.

The Diomedes Islands are a group of islands in the Arctic Ocean. The western island of this group belongs to Russia, while the eastern island belongs to the United States. The two islands are only four kilometers apart, but since the international date line runs between them, they are separated by a time difference of 21 hours.

Lake Baikal in Russia is home to 20 percent of all non-frozen freshwater in the world.

The "dingo fence" is a fence in Australia that is supposed to protect sheep in the southeast of the continent from predators. It has a total length of 5,412 kilometers.

Some national flags contain another small flag. This "flag in the flag" is called the jack and is always placed in the top left corner, as this is the most visible area of ​​a flag.

The Greenland Shark does not reach sexual maturity until it is 150 years old. With an estimated life expectancy of up to 500 years, it is also the longest-lived vertebrate on the planet.

The Huntsman spider (Heteropoda maxima) is the largest species of spider in the world. Adult males usually have a wingspan of 25 to 30 centimeters. In Australia, a specimen with an estimated size of 40 centimeters was discovered in 2017.

Whenever the American president is outside the White House, someone on his security team carries a suitcase with him that contains all the information and communication technology needed to authorize a nuclear attack. This should enable the president to give orders for a military strike regardless of his location. The nickname of the suitcase is therefore "Nuclear Football".

Adolf Hitler's nephew William Patrick Hitler emigrated to the United States in 1939 and even fought alongside the Americans against Hitler's Germany during World War II. He was even awarded the Purple Heart for his services during the war. After the war, however, he changed his name to William Patrick Stuart-Houston.

It has been found that whenever actress Anne Hathaway is trending on social media, automated trading algorithms from investment banks automatically buy more shares in Berkshire Hathaway.

Before the American Kim Peek passed away in 2009, he was able to read a book completely in less than an hour and remember every detail. He was able to reproduce the exact content of over 12,000 books and was the model for Dustin Hoffman's character in the film "Rain Man".

If you tell yourself that you slept well the previous night when you didn't, you still feel less tired. This is referred to as placebo sleep.

Bhutan is the only country in the world that has a negative carbon footprint. The country's constitution stipulates that at least 60 percent of the land mass must be covered with forest.

The first deodorant for men was released in 1935, although fragrance sprays for women had been around for decades. However, at the beginning of the 20th century, a strong odor in men was still considered masculine, so there was no need for deodorants in men.

There are only five people worldwide who are allowed to build the engines of the Nissan GT-R. They are also called "Takumi" and they are the reason why only 1,000 cars of this brand can be produced per month.