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We manufacture a large selection of gift boxes, product packaging, gift packaging and gift boxes for commercial customers in our own production facility. We mainly supply promotional products dealers, industrial customers, advertising agencies, promotional gift and promotional products retailers in Germany and Europe.

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Special gift packaging in small series

Whether smart gift packaging, unusual product packaging or sample packaging for prototypes: our extensive range has the right outer packaging for almost every item. If the right size is not included, we will be happy to design a new variant for your product - usually cheaper than many customers expect!

Choose your gift packaging

from a variety of shapes, colors and materials. Most of the packaging is manufactured and sold exclusively by us. So you can be sure that your customer will receive a special present. Optionally, we can refine your gift packaging, for example with hot foil stamping of your logo.

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Packaging presents perfectly - gift packaging

What makes good gift packaging?

"There is no second chance for a first impression" is the saying - this also applies to gift packaging. If you hand over a present, a small gift or a token of love, the gift packaging should already have a positive effect on the recipient.

Achieving this goal is by no means an easy task. In many cases, plain wrapping paper may be pretty and sufficient. But only the creative combination of unusual shape, matching color and ideal function creates a special "wow factor" when opening a gift box.

We offer you many packaging solutions that protect your products, pack your gift ideas in an original and functional way and help to further increase your business success.

How does a good gift wrap feel?

The surface of a packaging lets the imagination run wild. What content may be hidden in it? Does the gift wrap feel smooth or rough? Does it look cool like a metal box or, of course, warm like a wooden box? Does it wrap the present elegantly or is the packaging more functional?

The recipient will ask himself one or two questions the first time you touch it. In any case, a gift is always an emotional thing - and it stays in the memory for a long time. So that this experience remains a positive memory, you will find many packaging solutions on our website that have already proven themselves in practice.

Appreciation of your product

Tasteful gift packaging is at least as important as the content itself. Fancy gift packaging simply has a positive effect on the customer's purchase decision, even if the content is available from many other providers.

With well thought-out and smart gift packaging, you can gain a distinctive advantage over competitive products. The customer is almost always prepared to spend a little more money if he can purchase a promotional item or a customer gift in a pre-packaged form. This saves him the work of packing and he can hand over the gift immediately.

Sent sent - shipping packaging

Innovative packaging ideas are usually created in close cooperation with the customer. The right gift packaging can only be selected when the precise requirements for packaging have been examined with all aspects.

In addition to product packaging, outer packaging is often of great importance as a shipping solution. Through the targeted coordination of all components, an attractive complete solution can be offered from a single source. This makes the entire process easier by having one contact person and saves time, money and nerves.

A packaging solution that is often requested is an outer box that can be sent cheaply as a maxi letter by the German post office. In addition to the product and gift packaging, we also create the outer box and the cardboard insert in the color of your choice. The practical thing about it: there is also enough space for a greeting card or a personalized cover letter in the shipping box.

Environmental aspects of gift packaging

The desire for a clean environment, safe materials and sustainable management play an important role, especially in the packaging industry. Gift packaging can certainly be a little more pompous, but the right relationship between appearance and environmental aspects should be maintained. Uncolored gift boxes are suitable for products with an ecological character. The natural brown tone of these cardboard boxes is ideal for such products and protects the environment by not using printing inks.

Disproportionately large packaging, which also deceives about the small content, is rightly branded as "sham packaging". Wherever possible, attention should therefore be paid to reducing the amount of packaging material, but without impairing the appearance or functionality.

We always endeavor not to neglect the environmental aspect when developing new gift packaging or individual packaging solutions. We take the environmentally friendly disposal of packaging materials into account by complying with the packaging ordinance and also point out our customers' obligations in this regard. This ensures that new products can be created from discarded gift packaging through the best possible recycling and that people and nature are spared. Gift packaging "Made in Germany" - like most of our extensive range - is not out on the ocean for weeks or even months. In addition to flexible and fast production, this is also good for the environment.

Of course, it is best if packaging is not thrown away at all. Be it because it is so beautiful, of high quality, smart or simply useful. Who does not know, for example, the old cigar boxes from grandfather's workshop, which served as storage places for screws and all kinds of other utensils for many years, even after their contents had long since dissolved in smoke.

Custom-made gift boxes

If the right packaging is not available for you, we will work with you to develop an individual packaging solution. For special packaging, we provide you with our many years of know-how in packaging design and our fast and flexible construction and production.

You can find examples in the special packaging section. Test us and ask for your desired gift packaging now.

Complete service from a single source

Our packaging designers and packaging consultants support you every step of the way towards your ideal packaging. Take advantage of our many years of know-how in the design and manufacture of individual packaging solutions.

Simply imaginative - strikingly different - successfully memorable.

One contact for you all around the packaging

  • Free customer-oriented packaging advice according to your specifications (product, size, budget, etc.)
  • Material selection (we will suggest the best variants)
  • Packaging design (color, shape, function)
  • Construction of your desired packaging - possibly as a special size
  • Prototype construction (testing of form and function on the first sample)
  • Visualization (photo and visualization for quick transmission to customers by email)
  • Tool making (production of efficient and economical cutting dies)
  • Production of your gift packaging plus manual unfolding if necessary
  • Finishing (e.g. with logo, lettering, coat of arms, etc.)
  • Inexpensive decoration and packaging material (for padding, to match your CI and your product)
  • Packaging (we pack your product, outer box, individual mailing to your customers, etc.)
  • Packaging and shipping - safe, fast and reliable

Special packaging in custom dimensions

Examples of special solutions and further information about our gift packaging can be found under Packaging from A to Z.

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