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League of Legends is a team-based strategy game in which two teams, each with five strong champions, compete against each other in order to destroy the other base. Choose from over 140 champions to make epic plays, secure kills and destroy towers as you fight for your victory.

The Nexus is the heart of the base of both teams. Be the first to destroy the opposing Nexus to win the game.

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  • Your nexus

    Your nexus sends the vassals on their way. Behind your Nexus is the summoner's platform, where you can quickly regenerate your life and mana and have access to the merchant.

  • Opposing nexus

    In the middle of the enemy base is the enemy nexus, just like in your base. If your team destroys the opposing nexus, you win the game.

Your team must remove all obstacles in at least one lane in order to get to the opposing nexus. There are defensive buildings in your way: the towers and the inhibitors. There are three towers and an inhibitor in each lane. Each nexus is additionally guarded by two towers.

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  • Towers

    Towers deal damage to enemy vassals and champions and give your team some view of the fog of war. Let the vassals move within range of the tower first before attacking it so that you do not suffer any damage and can continue on your way unmolested.

  • Inhibitors

    Each inhibitor is protected by a tower. If it is destroyed, Super Vassals will appear in this lane for several minutes. After that, the inhibitor is built up again and no more super vassals appear.

Between the lanes is the jungle, home to neutral monsters and jungle plants. The two main monsters are Baron Nashor and the dragons. If they die, they grant your team unique buffs and can turn the tide in your favor.

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  • Baron Nashor

    Baron Nashor is the strongest monster in the jungle. Upon his death, he grants the slaughtering team additional attack damage, additional ability power, as well as an increased recall and stronger vassals in the vicinity.

  • Dragon

    Dragons are powerful monsters that give unique bonuses based on which elemental dragons your team has killed. In addition to the four elemental dragons, there is also an ancestral dragon.

There are five positions that are part of the recommended team composition of a game. Each lane lends itself to specific champions and roles. Try them all out or find the lane that suits you best.

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  • Upper Lane

    Top lane champions are the team's tough solo fighters. Your job is to protect your lane and focus on the strongest members of the opposing team.

  • jungle

    Junglers live to hunt. You are on the prowl between the lanes with cunning and skill, keep an eye on the most important neutral monsters and pounce on an opponent as soon as he is not paying attention.

  • Middle Lane

    Mid-Laners are champions who cause high damage in a short time and can do everything, whether solo or in a team. For them, fighting is a dangerous dance in which they are always looking for an opportunity to outsmart their opponent.

  • Lower lane

    In the lower lane you will find the champions, who represent the dynamite of the team. Like precious treasures, they must be protected in the early game until they have accumulated enough gold and experience to lead the team to victory.

  • Supporter

    Supporting champions are the team's guardian angels. They keep team members alive or focus on luring the next kill into the trap. They also protect their teammates in the bottom lane until they get stronger.

Champions get stronger by gaining experience to level up and gold for buying powerful items as they progress through the game. Staying ahead of these two factors is critical to ultimately defeating the opposing team and destroying their base.

  • When champions have gained a certain amount of experience, they go up a level and can unlock or improve skills and thus increase their stats. Slay enemy units and champions, help with a kill or destroy defensive buildings to gain experience.

  • Gold is the in-game currency that you can use to buy items for your champion. Slay enemy units and champions, help with a kill, destroy defensive buildings or buy gold items to get gold.

  • You can buy items (or sell them again) at the merchant with the gold you have earned. You can only speak to him when you are on the summoner's platform.

Skills, spells and items

Champions have five main abilities, two special spells and a maximum of seven items at the same time. Find the optimal order of abilities, summoner spells and item combinations for your champion and you will help your team to succeed.

Most champions have a unique skill set that includes five skills: a passive, three basic skills, and an ultimate skill. These skills are assigned to the Q, W, E, and R keys.

Summoners are abilities with unique effects that champions can use. They are assigned to the D and F keys. There are many spells out there, but the most common ones used include lightning, teleportation, shattering, and igniting.

Items improve the performance of your champion and grant, for example, faster movement speed, improved damage or reduced cooldown times for your skills. Unlike jewelry, they must be bought with gold.

Free choice from one of the following marksman champions: Tristana, Caitlyn or EzrealERF Boost (3 days) + Hextech chest

Free choice of one of the following fighter champions: Illaoi, Riven or Garen 1 Hextech key (3 fragments for the workshop)

Free choice from one of the following mage champions: Brand, Morgana or Ziggs1 Hextech chest

Free choice from one of the following supporter champions: Sona, Thresh or Nami1 Hextech key

Free choice from one of the following Assassin Champions: Ekko, Fizz, or Talon1 Hextech Chest

6,300 blue essences

Skin splinters: Waterloo-Miss Fortune500 orange essences

Unlocks the summoner spells "Spirit" and "Heal"

Unlocks practice mode

introductory champion (of your choice) and Symbol450 blue essences

Unlocks normal games in Summoner's Rift (free choice) Unlocks ARAM game mode, 450 blue essences

Unlocks the summoner spells "Barrier" and "Exhaust". 450 blue essences

Unlocks cooperative play. “Nice job, buddy!” - Sticker450 blue essences

Unlocks the summoner spells "Clarity" and "Marking" 900 blue essences

Unlocks the summoner spells "Blitz" and "Teleportation" 900 blue essences

Unlocks 1 random permanent eye skin, 900 blue essences

Unlocks the summoner spells "Purge", "Ignite", and "Smash" 900 blue essences