How are hairpins used for drugs?

Use hairpins correctly - this is how they give you the best possible hold

Hairpins do not always provide the necessary hold. The reason for this can be poor quality on the one hand and incorrect use on the other.

Pretty much everyone wants to look perfectly styled in everyday life and always look very fashionable in order to emulate their own style icons or to act as one themselves in their own environment. The perfect appearance naturally also includes beautifully made hair that looks like you've just come from the hairdresser. The right accessories are of great importance for this: Styling devices, hairbands and elastic bands, but also hairpins are part of every styling equipment. As practical as hairpins can be for a perfect hairstyle: Most of the time, they get lost or slip again quickly, so that the hairstyle does not last through the evening.

But why don't the needles hold up as desired? Here are some tips on how you can change that in the future.

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Why are hairpins so popular?

Hairpins, also known as bobby pins, have long been firmly established in the world of hair styling. In contrast to hair ties, they help to pin individual strands or entire sectioned areas of hair, to shape them in the right direction or simply to provide hold for a certain hairstyle. They can be brought into the hair so that they are clearly visible or, if desired, they can be hidden so that no one sees them. That is why hairpins have long been part of the basic equipment for hairstyles of all kinds.

They are so popular because they are very easy to use, do not take up any space and can be discreetly and discreetly disappeared when needed, making the hairstyle look effortlessly created. The fact that they do not interfere when used in the hair and do not have an unpleasant effect is also a big plus. Protective elements also spare the hair and scalp when used, which is also very positive.

✓ Well suited for every hairstyle
✓ Can provide a lot of hold when used correctly and help to create sophisticated stylings
✓ can be used very discreetly
✓ can also be used decoratively
✓ Do not injure the scalp, bend or break the hair
✓ Usually easy to use
✓ compact and can therefore be stowed anywhere
✓ can be obtained very cheaply
✓ Available in many colors to match all common hair colors
✓ Well suited for every hair type
✓ can be used for many different purposes
✗ are quickly lost due to their compact size
✗ can lose their protective caps under certain circumstances
✗ if used incorrectly, they do not offer the desired hold, so that the entire hairstyle slips

Different application possibilities

Hairpins are best for updos, but they can also be used to optimally emphasize the styling of pigtails and loose hair. And if you want to add something special to the styling with hairpins, you can rely on models that have been decorated with pearls, crystals or certain colors and thus provide the necessary pep. If annoying strands are in the way of everyday tasks, they can be removed from your face quickly and easily. So there are almost infinite uses: dividing the strands when doing hairstyle and styling, refining the hairstyle, increasing the hold, as well as creating the hairstyle itself.

How are hairpins constructed - and why do they slip so often?

A metal hairpin usually consists of two sides that are joined together. One of them is completely smooth, while the other is wavy. The end of the other side is also slightly bent upwards. But what is the purpose of the structure? Hairpins are intentionally built in this way so that the wavy underside holds the hair, the curved point reinforces the hold and the smooth surface rests on the hair, so that it is elegantly decorated or discreetly disappears under the top hair. So why often don't hairpins hold up?

This is mostly due to the fact that many people insert the hairpins the wrong way round, i.e. with the smooth side down so that the wavy side is visible on top. This has the disadvantage that the hairpin not only slipped out of the hair more easily, but the protruding end of the underside is also not used to provide more hold within the hairstyle. The protruding, slightly upwardly curved end piece loses its function due to incorrect use, so it is actually not very surprising that the hairpins do not hold.

But since it is a common mistake, it has certainly happened to you before. But don't worry - we'll give you a few tips on how your hairpins will keep your hairpins in place in the future, and that for all hairstyles.

❖ Improve the hold of the hairpins

There are many tricks and tips for classic hairpins that not only improve their hold in the hair, but also their appearance. But if you first need more hold on your hairstyle, you should first of all pay attention to the correct use of the hairpins:

  • do not bend the hairpin too far: Many people make the mistake of bending both sides of the hairpin wide open, for example to be able to pick up as much hair as possible. This is a big mistake, as the pages usually do not bend back to their original position by themselves and are so far apart that they can hardly offer any support - even if they were otherwise used correctly.
  • do not insert the hairpin incorrectly: The hold can also be reduced by not inserting the hairpin with its wavy side down, but with the straight one. Therefore, when inserting, make sure that the corrugated side comes down and the protruding part acts as a kind of stopper. This also creates a little more volume for your hairstyle, among other things. The smooth side of the hairpin should always rest on top of the tucked-in strand, which among other things looks much more elegant.

❖ Further important tips for more support

There are two other tricks that can help you add hold to your hairstyle with the bobby pins you choose:

  1. On the one hand, this is possible with hairspray. Spray the wavy underside of the bobby pin with some hairspray to make it a little tacky. As a result, their surface no longer allows the hair to slide off, so that the hairpin holds in your hairstyle much better.
  2. On the other hand, more hold can also be achieved by inserting two crossed hairpins. This can also be done very discreetly and ensures a bomb hold, so that your hairstyle is guaranteed to last the whole evening.

»By the way: If the rubberized protective ends of the hairpin have fallen off or are incomplete, you should definitely dispose of the corresponding hairpin. Otherwise, it could damage your sensitive scalp or damage the structure of your hair. If you don't want to do without the hairpin and don't want to buy a new one, you can create rubberized ends yourself with a hot glue gun, which have to be cut after the glue has hardened.

❖ Not only more support, but also provide creativity

Of course, a good hold is not everything that hairpins should deliver: an appealing look is also very important. Do you still have a few old hairpins at home whose paint may have flaked off and which themselves look very undecorative? Then definitely keep them - there is still a lot that can be extracted from them.

You can use a colorful or glittering nail polish of your choice to beautify the smooth top of the hairpin. Once the paint has dried, you get a nice new hairpin that looks anything but boring and can attract attention. And all of this without spending any money. You can also beautify old hairpins by sticking pearls on them. This works best with a hot glue gun and appropriate glue.