How To Cook Pancit Bihon Noodle Package

Glass noodles and crunchy vegetables

The photographer and artist Yvonne Oswald recently published a new book about the Südbahnhotel am Semmering. In it she captures the magic of a bygone world. She likes to cook a Filipino national dish.


Ingredients for four people

  • 1 packet of glass or rice noodles 500g
  • Various crunchy vegetables such as carrots, kohlrabi, green beans, soy bean sprouts, etc.
  • 1 small onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 small whole chicken breast
  • about ½ l chicken soup
  • Soy sauce light
  • 2 lemons


Chop the vegetables very small and set aside; Cook glass noodles as indicated, rinse with cold water and set aside;

Shipment Notice:

“Radio Lower Austria am morning”, October 24, 2014

Chop the onion and put it in a deep pan with the crushed garlic cloves until it is translucent in oil; put aside; Let the chicken breast soak in the chicken soup for about 10 minutes, remove it and also cut it very small; Add the chopped vegetables to the onions and fry them (soy bean sprouts last) then deglaze with a little soup; the vegetables must remain crisp; Now add the chopped chicken and the glass noodles and mix the whole thing; Now add the chicken soup if you like and season everything with soy sauce until it is light brown. Serve immediately and season with the quartered lemons on the plate. The lemons give the dish a particularly fresh taste.

You can also make the dish with the wider spaghetti-like pasta, I prefer this variant.

Recipe created by Yvonne Oswald