What's up live lyrics damn it

Untitled - Damn it, what's wrong with me?

1: Talk about your first kiss. - So my first kiss was in a forest with a girl about a year ago. What else should i say? He was beautiful but not that great either ..

7: Talk about a wonderful day. - May 24th, 2015, Sunday. My girlfriend (why - me) met me for the first time and that was the best day of my life, but I was so shy and that was mega embarrassing. I am now very brief because otherwise it will be too long. She kisses so incredibly ♥ she is so beautiful and she took my breath away every second. When she put her hand on my face, my cheeks were glowing and I don't tell anyone else it will be too much.

16: Talk about love. - Love is the most wonderful and valuable thing in the world. But love can also hurt sometimes. I think everyone has experienced that before. One shouldn't take advantage of love. Love is good for you most of the time. At the moment I love a girl more than anything and my love for someone has never been so strong and unconditional. Love is when you are there for you, no matter what. Love is when you feel more comfortable with one person than with anyone else. Love is when you would do anything for you. Love is a strong feeling, with an attitude of intimate and deep connection to a person, which exceeds the purpose or utility of an interpersonal relationship and is usually expressed through an accommodating active affection to the other. I don't know anymore: D

40: Talk about your future. - If I don't kill myself, then I'll marry my current girlfriend and have a happy future with her and don't give a shit what others say. I love my girlfriend and that's not going to change right now.