Thaddaeus Hello, how are you Spingebob

Translation of "Hello, how are you" in English

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With "Hello how are you today? "you can start any conversation.
Some choose a simple "Hello how are you"and leave it at that while others - to put it bluntly - decide to rewrite the collected works of Shakespeare or to submit a complete medical history. We advise a happy medium.
Some people opt for an enigmatic "Hello, how are you"and leave it at that, whilst some choose to rewrite the collected works of Shakespeare and include a complete medical history as well. Our advice is strike a happy medium in between.

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When Swami suddenly says: Hello Hello! How are you? , then I am very happy. I'm causing a traffic jam because I want to keep everyone informed. Swami talked to me.
Suddenly when Swami says, Hello, hello! How are you? I am very happy. I'll stop the whole traffic jam there to inform everybody, Swami spoke to me.
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