How does photon differ from material particles?

How much is an airsoft tactical vest different from a real military tactical vest & quest;

There are various airsoft equipment to buy at Amazon, for example a tactical vest: How different is such a vest now from a real m

What is the difference between a traumatization and a shock & quest;

I was hit by the car. I still don't feel better after four weeks. My bruise is gone, but my racing heart and my heart rhythm problems are not gone. My mood has been a bit subdued since then. I cry

How does a car sell as a private person & quest;

I want to sell my car. Not over the Internet but within the location. How does such a sale work? Does anyone have a checklist for me? Make a purchase agreement (download from the Internet and print out) Unscrew license plates

How does a bank card differ from a credit card?

Bank card or "Ec-Karte" explained briefly and concisely = the amount will be deducted directly from your account. So you pay in advance. Credit card in a nutshell = you "take out a loan". That means the bank pays you the bill

How does a recrystal differ from an ideal crystal?

Kent one of the differences between real crystal and ideal crystal, if one really knows the difference he could explain it to me in simple words, because in my book or on the internet I don't understand this snooty professor's language

How does modern philosopher-anthropology differ from the first & quest;

Modern anthropology bases its concepts increasingly on the sociobiological-evolutionary interpretation of human behavior, while the anthropologies of Scheler, Plessner and Gehlen (by three main representatives of the so-called first philosophical

How does the 146 & period; 1 series differ from the 146 & period; 2 & quest;

I can't see a big difference there; by and large it's the same locomotive, they differ e.g. in weight, difference of 2 tons, different / better / cheaper components etc.

How is conjunctival inflammation different in the eye & quest;

I had my contact lenses in there for a long time and now one eye is watering full, is very red and has grown smaller and something slimy comes out partly: ((Is that a conjunctivitis or what else? What can I do there?: (Sounds wi

How does a father complex differ in men & quest;

Hi folks, so the internet is full of information about the father complex in women, but you can't find anything about men in that context. Maybe someone knows more? Men can have the corresponding mother complex (Oedipus complex)

How did a single one behave & quest;

Hey :) So my relationship was pretty unhappy from the first month, in between my partner had good phases where he convinced me to stay with him. After half a year it was over, now I've been single for 5 days and have the S

How can you grow a breast as a man & quest;

This question is disgusting, but my "gay" brother wants to grow a breast, he doesn't want to have an operation. Do you have any tips on how to get a wax without having an operation? And maybe there is ha

How binding is a lease & comma; if it is signed by me and the landlord & quest;

Hello everyone, How binding is a rental agreement if it is signed by me and the landlord? Do I then have a right to the apartment or not? A contract cannot simply be terminated unilaterally ... You could do more harm to the contractual partner

How does Raynaud's syndrome differ from a dangerous blood circulation disorder & quest;

My girlfriend had totally white and numb fingers or fingertips a couple of times in winter. Now I've read about Raynaud's syndrome, which could explain it. But how do you distinguish this apparently harmless Raynaud's syndrome from

How does the invoice differ from the receipt & quest;

Please help me: I need this for the final apprenticeship examination: Customer says that he needs a "correct invoice". what does he mean with that? How does the invoice differ from the receipt? Thank you, grab a receipt from some sup

How does a turbocharger & comma; which is driven by exhaust gases & comma; actually itself & quest;

The turbocharger is there to pump the air into the combustion chambers by pressure. And since it is driven by the exhaust gases, it should be completely rusty and dirty after a few weeks and not move a millimeter or more

How can a pc virus start & quest;

How do you get a program to start without being prompted? When you catch a virus, it is usually an .exe file. But how is this carried out? Who or what is doing this? Does that work in C # with an ordinary .exe? Gives

How do I distinguish a Boeing 737-500 from a Boeing 737-600 & quest;

Just like that, I really know a lot about airplanes. But since the 737-500 and 600 have no winglets and these cannot be retrofitted, I don't know exactly how to distinguish them. Sometimes they're on Boeing's eyelashes

How would a believing man know about God & comma; if it weren't for the Bible & quest;

Wouldn't God exist without the Bible? Wouldn't human beings exist without the Bible? Wouldn't human beings exist without God? ..... Those are really interesting questions! Why should an assertion be just true just because you pointed it out

How is Buddhism & lpar; Bin Buddhist & rpar; & quest;

Hello, I am 16 years old and come from the beautiful country Thailand, my religion teacher said I should do a presentation about Buddhism, meanwhile I already have the general knowledge and the dissemination, as well as god Tempe