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Aria the scarlet ammunition - Aria the Scarlet Ammo

No. title Original release date English release date 1 Aria the scarlet ammunition
Hidan no Aria (緋 弾 の ア リ ア) August 25, 2008
978-4-8401-2401-0 August 28, 2013
978-1-6131-3642-3 Kinji Tohyama is a boy plagued by Hysteria Savant Syndrome, a disease that runs in his family and that improves its members when they are aroused. He's always wanted to give up being a butei (armed detective) for a normal teenage life. All chances for it go out of the window when he is embroiled in a bicycle bombing by the Butei killer. He is rescued by a girl who fell from the sky and later switches to class, introducing herself as Aria Holmes Kanzaki. Apparently, she intends for Kinji to become her "slave". 2 Aria of Scarlet Ammo II: Blazing Diamond Dust
Hidan no Aria II Moeru Ginhyō (緋 弾 の ア リ ア II 燃 え る 銀 氷 (ダ イ ヤ モ ン ド ダ ス ト)) December 25, 2008
978-4-8401-2600-7 May 22, 2014
978-1-6131-3724-6 Adseard (Butei Olympics) is getting closer, and Butei High is currently in a flurry. A rumor about a kidnapper named Durandal worried the Masters that Shirayuki Hotogi, the ace of Butei High, might be kidnapped. When Aria hears this, he volunteers as Shirayuki's bodyguard. Since he is her partner, she pulls Kinji into the mission. 3 Aria of Scarlet Ammo III: Honey - Trap
Hidan no Aria III Hachimitsu-iro no Wana (緋 弾 の ア リ ア III 蜂蜜 色 の 罠 (ハ ニ ー · ト ラ ッ プ)) March 25, 2009
978-4-8401-2720-2 - - Riko comes to Kinji and Aria and asks for their help. An item she loves was stolen from her by number 2 of an organization called IU and kept in a mansion somewhere in Yokohama. Riko makes a deal with the duo and promises to testify for Aria's mother if they break into the mansion and recapture their treasure. As they try to do this, their tragic past and fear of it are revealed to them. 4 Aria of the Scarlet Ammo IV: Fall of the Scarlet Ammo
Hidan no Aria IV Ochita Hidan (緋 弾 の ア リ ア IV 堕 ち た 緋 弾 (ス カ ー レ ッ ト)) August 25, 2009
978-4-8401-2873-5 - - Kinji's brother, believed to have died six months ago, appeared before him and asked for his help in the murder of Aria. Stuck between relative and partner, he finally gathers his decision to go up against him. At the moment of Kinji's defeat, he wakes up and realizes that he fell asleep in front of his PC. Even if it was just a strange nightmare, it leaves fear in his heart and makes him fear for his partner. 5 Aria of Scarlet Ammo V: Overture Fine
Hidan no Aria V Jokyoku no Shūshisen (緋 弾 の ア リ ア V 序曲 の 終止 線 (プ レ リ ュ ー ド · フ ィ ー ネ)) December 25, 2009
978-4-8401-3126-1 - - The mysterious leader of the IU has finally taken his step and kidnapped Aria. Kinji goes alone to save his partner. Behind the enemy lines, the secret of the scarlet ammunition is finally revealed to him. Now he faces his biggest challenge so far, to face the IU leader to settle the matter with the organization once and for all. 6 Aria the Scarlet Ammo VI: Killing Area 2051
Hidan no Aria VI Zettai Hankei 2051 (緋 弾 の ア リ ア VI 絶 対 半径 (キ リ ン グ レ ン ジ) 2051) April 23, 2010
978-4-8401-3281-7 - - On the last day of August, Reki Kinji appears on the roof and points her Dragunov at him. She claims his hand in marriage and threatens him to stay away from Aria. He is held captive by her weapon and has to live with Reki for weeks. On an upcoming field trip, Kinji must use the time to convince her to free him. But it seems there is more to their marriage than he thinks. 7 Aria of Scarlet Ammo VII: Castling Turning
Hidan no Aria VII Hello to Kaze no Embu (緋 弾 の ア リ ア VII 火 と 風 の 円 舞 (キ ャ ス リ ン グ · タ ー ン)) August 25, 2010
978-4-8401-3486-6 - - After the excursion, the gang returns to Tokyo. Unfortunately, someone seems to have planted a bomb on the bullet train they are traveling on. Not only does the bomb explode when the speed of the train is reduced, but it must increase the speed by 10 km / h every 3 minutes, otherwise it will explode at an increased rate. Worse still, Riko concludes that the culprit is still on the train! This mission calls on Kinji, Aria, Riko, Shirayuki, and the other Butei to disarm the bomb and rescue the passengers. But they only have 80 minutes to reach Tokyo. 8 Aria the Scarlet Ammo VIII: Tornado High
Hidan no aria VIII turf no tenkūki (ア 弾 の ア リ ア VIII 螺旋 の天空(((ル ネ ー ド ・ ハ)) December 24, 2010
978-4-8401-3678-5 - - After the collapse of the IU, some of the world's most powerful secret organizations meet on Empty Island for the Bandire, a conference to ally with Deen or Grenada in the impending Far East War (FEW). Although Team Baskerville is just a Butei team, it has to choose one team as Kinji and Aria were partly responsible for the fate of IU. To compound his problems, Butei High's cultural festival preparations come with a transfer student named "L" Watson who appears to be having trouble with Kinji. 9 Aria the Scarlet Ammunition IX: Spark out
Hidan no Aria IX Aoki Senkō (ア 弾 の ア リ ア IX 蒼 き (((パ ー ク ・ ア))) March 25, 2011
978-4-8401-3859-8 - - After Kinji learns the secret from Elle Watson and rescues Aria from her, he is attacked by Vlad's daughter Hilda, the spark witch, who extracted five of the "Seven Stars of the Golden Shell" from Aria's body. The power she wields might even surpass that of her father. If Riko is thrown into the Frey, the team of three who defeated Vlad will have to pull out all the stops to overwhelm this enemy. 10 Aria of Scarlet Ammo X: Arcanum Duo
Hidan no Aria X Kinki no Sōkyoku (緋 弾 の ア リ ア X 禁忌 の 双極 (ア ル カ ナ ム · デ ュ オ)) July 25, 2011
978-4-8401-3969-4 - - Things seem to be going well. Hilda was defeated without losses, one of the five stars was recovered and the cultural festival was indeed successful. Unfortunately, this lucky streak ends here. The four girls of Team Baskerville were brutally beaten by GIII, a violent neutralist in the Far East War, and his subordinate GIV. 11 Aria the Scarlet Ammo XI: Collateral Bros.
Hidan no aria XI G no Ketsuzoku (緋 弾 の ア リ ア XI G の 血 族 (コ ラ テ ラ ル · ブ ロ ス)) December 22, 2011
978-4-8401-4331-8 - - Kinji managed to get some information about GIII. This enemy and his GIII League are powerful enough to stand alone in the Far East War. Now that they're aiming at him, Kinji encounters one of the seven R-Rank Butei in the world and is a lot closer to Kinji than the boy could have imagined. 12 Aria of Scarlet Ammo XII: Fall Oblige
Hidan no Aria XII Ookami Inu ni furu Yuki (緋 弾 の ア リ ア XII 狼狗 に 降 る 雪 (フ ォ ル · オ ブ リ ー ジ ュ)) May 25, 2012
978-4-8401-4579-4 - - After longing for it for some time, Kinji can finally switch from Butei High to a normal school with an overhanging Reki. He even manages to find a normal friend in Moe Mochizuki. That average life is short-lived, however, as his new friend is taken hostage by the Kagataka Family Syndicate. 13 Aria the Scarlet Ammo XIII: Kowloon Reverse -
Hidan no Aria XIII Hangeki no Kyuryu (緋 弾 の ア リ ア XIII 反 撃 の 九龍 (ガ ウ ロ ン · リ バ ー ス)) August 24, 2012
978-4-8401-4682-1 - - On the roof of the Kagataka Family Mansion, GIII, the seemingly unsurpassed enemy who ravaged Team Baskerville, was defeated in an attack. The attacker is Kou, Ranpan's secret weapon. When the organization flies back to Hong Kong, Kinji gives up his search for a "normal life" and returns to his team in Butei High. He is no longer satisfied with waiting for Grenada's next attack, but instead calls on the team to strike first and attack Ranpan in Hong Kong. For Kinji, this is personal because not only did they injure his younger brother, but Ranpan is also holding one of the seven Karagane grenades needed to save Aria's future. Aria of the Scarlet Ammo Reloaded: castoff table
Hidan no Aria Rirōdeddo Kyasutoofu Tēburu (緋 弾 の ア リ ア リ ロ ー デ ッ ド キ ャ ス ト オ フ · テ ー ブ ル) December 25, 2012
978-4-8401-4932-7 - - The anime's limited BD / DVD volumes include a collection of seven short stories that revolve around the summer break. Riko forced Kinji and the girls to play a series of games. There is a catch with these games, however, and it seems to be causing trouble for Kinji. 14 Aria of Scarlet Ammo XIV: Aquamarine Cross
Hidan no Aria XIV Manekarezaru Kaimu (緋 弾 の ア リ ア XIV 招 か れ ざ る 海 霧 (ア ク ア マ リ ン · ク ロ イ ツ)) April 25, 2013
978-4-8401-5161-0 - -