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The Runaway Bride


Did you know?


When Donna mentions the secret base under a major London landmark and the Doctor says "I know, unheard of" this is a reference to the first episode of New Who, Rose, in which the Nestene base is under the London Eye. See more »


While the time frame is set to be December in England, the trees in the background on the motorway chase are lush and green. See more »


Empress: Robo-forms are not necessary. My children may feast on Martian flesh.
The Doctor: Oh, but I'm not from Mars.
Empress: Then where?
The Doctor: My home planet is far away and long since gone. But its name lives on.
[a pause, then sad and strong and proud]
The Doctor: Gallifrey.
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Crazy credits

Catherine Tate receives co-star credit on the episode "The Runaway Bride" - the only time in the show's history (to date) that a guest star has been so credited. See more »

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