Kase bockwurst how to cook

Boil or fry sausage - what is right?

The bockwurst is a popular dish in this country. Incidentally, its name does not come from the animal of the same name, but from the bock beer, which it was very popular with.
Depending on your taste, you can cook or fry the sausage. There are many tasty recipes for this and everyone can decide for themselves which type of preparation they prefer.

However, one should know that cooking the sausage is a much healthier option than frying it, since carcinogenic substances are produced when the cured sausage is roasted.

A quick guide to cooking

Carefully cut the sausage a few times with the knife. This is important so that it withstands the pressure while cooking and does not burst.

Now bring the water with a little salt to the boil in a saucepan. Lower the temperature a little and put the sausages in it. Let the sausages steep for about 10 minutes. It is important not to boil them or they may burst.
Take the sausage out and enjoy it with a little mustard on a bread roll or some potato salad.

You can prepare a healthy and wholesome meal by steeping the sausage in potato or pea soup. It is only important that the soup no longer boils when you add the sausages, otherwise they could burst.

Now a recipe to properly fry the sausage

Take some oil or clarified butter of your choice and heat the pan.
Now remember to cut the sausage diagonally so that it does not burst.
Now place the sausage in the hot fat and let it fry until it is nice and crispy brown on both sides. Now you can serve the dish with a side dish such as salad, vegetables or bread.

Better not fry the sausage

Now a note on the harmlessness to health. Bockwurst are cured and contain nitrites. When heated, the nitrites combine with the amines. The carcinogenic nitrosamines. When roasting sausages, nitrosamines can be released, which are carcinogenic.

The amount of nitrites used for production has decreased significantly since the 1970s. This also means that there are far fewer carcinogenic substances in the food. According to a study in the 1990s, there are hardly any nitrosamines in these foods. Ultimately, the decision as to whether you classify it as questionable or harmless and want to consume it lies with you.