How to use an aowa electric pressure cooker

Wanted: pressure cooker


mW, all commercially available, household SKTs have a diameter of 22 cm.

At least those from Silit, WMF and Fissler, Bratoni, tefal etc.

If you want to make this amount of Gualsch in a pressure cooker, you only have the choice:
a) Deglaze in your 28 saucepan and transfer
b) fry in portions

I have two pressure cookers, but I never actually use them for goulash. Stew dishes are conventionally stewed for hours with me.

Does the "Austrian variant" taste good as a juice goulash from the pressure cooker? The recipe "lives" from the long preparation.

I have a 4.5 liter and a 6.5 liter pot. Today I would probably only buy the bigger one.
But I use both pots: e for juicing and boiling, for stews, especially stews with legumes, and for soups.
For me, chicken soup and beef soup are best made in a pressure cooker.

The 6.5 liter pot is also my "big pot2" for pasta and the like, but here not as a pressure cooker, but with a normal lid.

LG Anne