Gratitude stolen what color

Which flowers can I give away to say “thank you”?

3. Choose the right colors

If you plan to give flowers as a thank you, don't neglect your choice of colors. This is at least as important as the composition of the types of flowers. So put the overall picture of your bouquet together carefully.

As with the composition of the bouquet, we recommend that you choose the colors carefully and depending on your relationship with the recipient. Do you know which colors she likes particularly or maybe not at all? If you want to make someone happy with flowers, then of course your favorite colors should be there. If you are not sure, you can think about how the apartment is furnished and what splashes of color can be found there.

Dare to mix up a few colors - the combination of yellow, orange and green, for example, is perfect for showing your gratitude to a friend. When it comes to a colleague or a friend, pink or white flowers are always the perfect choice, because you can't go wrong with these neutral and simple tones!