When the dike breaks the mood

Bremen - 0-1 against Mainz, the sixth Bundesliga defeat in a row. Negative club record in the Bundesliga, crashed to 14th place! Florian Kohfeldt's goal for the season to "keep Werder Bremen stable in the league" can hardly be achieved. On the contrary: The green-whites are threatened again with the big fiasco - the second descent in the club's history. Under normal circumstances there would have been a loud whistling concert in the Weserstadion after the Mainz game late on Wednesday evening. Instead, as for over a year, there was only silence because the followers have to stay at home. On the other hand, it is louder than ever on the Internet. The criticism of the sporting leadership of SV Werder is increasing. The fans vent their displeasure.

In addition to the inappropriate insults and bullying, which of course should not be disseminated here, there are also factual-critical comments on the SV Werder Bremenwith which the mood at the virtual Osterdeich can be assessed.

“Own goals, falling over your own feet, messing up bad passes and attacks, that is Werder Bremen", Annoyed Facebook user" Josh Severide "under the DeichStube live ticker for the home game against Mainz and receives approval for it. Ex-Werder professional Uli Borowka, who has been one of the critical voices on Facebook for weeks, also chooses clear words under the game report for the Mainz game: “I think Werder should look at their own performance. So it will be difficult to get a point. ”“ Nils Ha ”is in the same direction. He writes: “I tend to have Werder frustration instead of VAR frustration and I don't look for excuses. It doesn't change how shit they play. "

There are quite a few voices that are even tougher with that SV Werder Bremen go to court. This is how Facebook user “Johannes Steffens” thinks: “You deserve to get down and not come back. The club is totally bankrupt due to the pandemic and relegation would completely ruin the club. And all because the family doesn't want to split up. That has nothing to do with professional work and therefore does not belong in professional sport. ”There is not much left to discover on the Internet of the optimism that prevailed among many Werder fans after the 2-0 win in Bielefeld.

Fans are hard on the Internet with Werder Bremen in the face: "You will deserve relegation"

Numerous other comments confirm the prevailing emotional state, which is somewhere between frustration, anger and resignation. The user “Thomas Werner” thinks: “There is simply nothing there that would justify staying in League 1. GOOD NIGHT, WERDER ”. “Sebi SVW” is of the opinion that the clash of slapstick goals conceded, lack of penetration on the offensive and referee bad luck can no longer be simply a coincidence: “All in all, you're too harmless up front and you don't stand up when you concede goals. That actually has almost nothing to do with bad luck. 'FloKo' changes MUCH too late, seems to be completely overwhelmed just like in the preseason and nothing happens. The club is left to ruin. To be consistent means also to come to an end in the wrong way. "

Generally speaking, the criticism of the people involved increases SV Werder Bremen noticeably too. User “Kimerson van de Meiklokjes” finds drastic words: “You just didn't hear last season's shot and you continued with Kohfeldt. The late result is now presented. Kohfeldt, Baumann & Bode, all three stand for failure and are the worst that could have happened to Werder ”.

Werder Bremen: There are also positive fan votes, even if only sporadically

But there are also dissenting voices. Not all fans do the work of Florian Kohfeldt and Frank Baumann low. Twitter user “Huderaner” does not want to join the critical canon: “I know you are not considered a true Werder fan if you don't scold Werder in the ground now - but I still won't go along with it. I don't care if I'm the blue-eyed fool ". The user “Andi” agrees with him: “This rushing does not help anyone. The principle of hope also applies to me. Less hate is always good ”.

Twitter user “Franco” states: “Kohfeldt is a good guy in himself, but I don't see any development in the team. We are now facing the abyss for the second time in a row and it seems as if those responsible are just watching idly. ”“ Volkhard Puttmann ”, also active on Twitter, is more critical of Bremen's management policy than the work of the trainer: “Baumann had good and bad transfers, but the good ones always outweighed the bad ones. What has now unfortunately turned. I like Kohfeldt and that's why I also say: Even a Pep or Klopp would play with these players against relegation. "

Of course, none of this is representative. But who is on social media after Werder Bremen looks around, gets the impression relatively quickly: The mood has finally turned. (mwi / han) Update: Florian Kohfeldt asks Werder Bremen the question of trust - Frank Baumann is silent! Also interesting: VAR trouble at Werder Bremen against Mainz 05 - Frank Baumann: "I absolutely cannot understand that"