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Lauren Zizes

Lauren Zizes


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Fat Ass, Zizes (Puck)
Poppin 'Fresh, Endangered White Rhino, Grimace (Santana)

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Technology, wrestling, candy




Miss Tiara Toddler (3 years in a row)

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Lauren Zizes is a former member of New Directions, an active member of the wrestling team, and President of the A / V Club. She is a fan of "Twilight" and had a crush on Will Schuester. She made her first appearance in Fear and blamewhere she applied for the Cheerios.

In New worlds she joins New Directions despite the fact that she thinks glee clubs are stupid. She quickly befriends the Glee Kids and is considered an incredibly good kisser. In the second season she keeps Puck on a short leash after she has "rocked his world" during a kind of "seven minutes in heaven" (there were barely three). The two come together in the course, but Lauren breaks up in The Purple Piano Project from him and gets off at the Glee Club.

She is from Ashley Fink shown.


When Lauren was a toddler, she performed in several beauty pageants, her specialty being baby pull-ups. She was on her way to becoming Little Miss Ohio, but she started to put on weight and had to give up that goal. Lauren is on the wrestling team, and also the president of the A / V club. She made her first appearance in the episode Fear and blame, where she can be seen briefly wrestling. Before she became a member of the Glee Club, she appeared in the episode Hello hell as a member of Sue Sylvester's "Old Maid's Club". She wears glasses and tells Rachel her story of what she chose when it came to choosing love or team. At first glance she looks like a fat girl who loves sweets and muffins, but over the course of the first and second seasons, we see that Lauren is more than that. She is tough and can defend herself very well . Furthermore, she has a fable for Gothic, which is in Lots of theater! and New worlds sees.

Season one

As already mentioned, Lauren made her first appearance in the episode, Fear and blame. She applies to the Cheerios, but fails at the first step. She appears again in a small excerpt when Kurt and his father are talking about what boys and girls should do, and he mentions Lauren because her parents had to sue the school to get her into the wrestling team.

In Hello hell Sue gathers a group of unpopular and lonely girls to make Rachel understand that if she doesn't want to end up like the other girls, she must forget about Finn and the Glee Club, she should keep dating Jesse, Lauren is one of the girls and she Rachel tells about her failed relationship with a boy.

In Good reputation, asks Rachel Lauren to hide microphones in the music room so she can prove that the rest of the Glee Club isn't singing along to rehearsals. In return, Lauren wants Rachel to pay her with Mallomars and Snickers.

In Lots of theater! Lauren is the leader of a Twilight-bosomed group that harass Jacob Ben Israel to get Robert Pattinson's attention.

Season two

In Britney / Brittany she adores Mr. Schuester during Toxic at.

In Not kissed she puts Puck in his guitar pocket, money in it, as he and Artie One Love (People Get Ready) sings.

In Substitute player if Lauren is sick, Sue places her in such a way that this headmaster Figgins will anniest. So Sue can accept the post of rector. She also sneezes at Will, who also gets sick.

In New worlds Will turns to Puck, who, with his wickedness, is supposed to get a twelfth member for the Glee Club, otherwise they cannot take part in the Sectionals. Puck campaigns for the Glee Club and tries to land new members in the football team's locker room. The players are anything but enthusiastic and go for him. Meanwhile, Puck returns. He was locked in a Dixie loo and Lauren found him. She becomes the new twelfth member of the Glee Club. To do this, she asks Puck "7 minutes in heaven" and Cadbury Eggs. She also reveals that she knew about Finn and Santana's relationship. At the end of the episode, she performs Dog Days Are Over With.

In How Sue stole Christmas she is still a member of New Directions. She later visits Santa at the mall with the other Glee Kids and wishes him Puckerman loves her, saying that Puckerman is a "fox".

InThe Sue Sylvester Shuffle joins the McKinley Titans as most of the other players have been kicked off the team by Coach Beiste. She performs at the end of the episode Thriller / Heads Will Roll.

In Love song to sorrow Puck sits in class and watches Lauren as she eats the candy he gave her. Lauren threatens Puck to beat him up if he stares at her again. But Puck has already fallen in love with Lauren because she is probably the only girl he cannot have. Lauren wants to clear things up with Puck. However, he wants to go out with her on Valentine's Day, but she doesn't get involved so easily. He must be able to offer her something. Puck sings the song for Lauren with the help of the other boys Fat Bottomed Girls from Queen. Everyone enjoys it, but Lauren is not at all impressed by the performance, she is rather offended. puck

meets with Lauren in the library. He tells her that he likes her for who she is and then kneels down to ask her if she would date him. Lauren finally agrees. Puck is left on their date by Lauren. Puck asks Lauren why she moved him. She likes puck, but she is not someone to be played with. If he really likes her, then both of them have to take it slow. Puck agrees and they first meet up as friends for Valentine's Day.

In The she-devil comeback Lauren wants to do her first solo in front of the glee club. She is very nervous and starts her dance performance I know what boys like from The Waitresses only after she introduces herself all in underwear, that's what Puck had advised her shortly before. Puck accompanies her on the guitar and is fascinated by her.

In Sealing is a must she visits Rachel's party and sings along Blame It (On The Alcohol) and Tik Tok.

In Sexy needs Lauren Puck's help. She wants to be a star and is sure that a video could help her. Puck is supposed to sleep with her and she wants to be filmed and released afterwards to advance her career. Puck and Lauren watch a video together and are disturbed by Holly. They tell her about the idea of ​​making a sex tape, but Holly makes it clear to them that they are guilty of child pornography because they are still a minor. Lauren teases Puck for joining the Celibacy Club. He defends himself by saying that he only thinks about his future and that he still likes Lauren. Then she kisses him and joins the Celibacy Club.

In Our own songs she is happy about Puck's song, Big Ass Heart. She sings with the Regionals Loser Like Me and Get it right.

In Night of the Neglected Lauren can't understand why Mercedes is giving in. She speaks to Mercedes about it and makes it clear to her that she has to gain her respect and fight for what she is. Lauren wants to support her in this.

In Born This Way Lauren looks at the prom queen's crown and tells Puck that she once won a contest as a child three years in a row, until it was made clear to her that she no longer conforms to the ideal to continue to participate. She watches Quinn and realizes that Quinn will definitely win because she is just perfect. Puck takes Lauren's side and wants to help her win the election with him as the prom king by her side.

In The latest rumor does it not play an important role, it sings along Don't stop With.

In Rivals of the crown Lauren worries about her prom dress, but Kurt can advise her accordingly. Later on, she is disappointed not to have become a prom queen and dances to the prom with Puck Dancing Queen. The two also have a photo taken of themselves.

In Funeral ceremony doesn't seem happy that Jesse wants to help them win the Nationals. At the end of the episode she sings Pure imagination at Jean Sylvester's funeral.

In New York! she sits with puck at the bar in the hotel and tries to order cocktails. Then Mr. Shue comes and takes them with him. Later they will be at the performance of Light Up The World she is also disappointed when she learns that New Directions only came in 12th at the Nationals.

Season three

In The Purple Piano Project In a flashback from Puck, Lauren ends her relationship with Puck. She says Puck shouldn't be sad because life goes on. She also leaves New Directions because the Glee Club is ruining her reputation.

In The Maria duel she sits while Run the World (Girls) in the gym, getting up and dancing towards the end.

Season four

In Ladies first Lauren can be seen as she is represented at the Too Young to be Bitter Club, where they discuss the fact that no one will accept her invitations to the Sadie Hawkins dance. She says that Puck was the only one who has ever invited her to a dance, Sugar says it's because everyone thinks Lauren has herpes. Later at the ball, she sits in the stands with a few other girls from the club and initially only watches the students dance. But when Coach Beiste encourages them, Sugar says that she'll do it if Lauren does too, whereupon the two shake hands and go to their respective chosen ones. Laurens is Joe, whom she asks to dance with her, who agrees. The two dance together until he goes on stage to sing. She stands in the front row with Sugar and watches him. After that, she is back in the Too Young to Bitter Club to break it up, as the Sadie Hawkins dance was a success for all of them, for which Lauren thanks Tina.

Season five

In The city of angels you can see them during I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For in a flashback.

Season six

In We Built This Glee Club can be seen in flashbacks to past New Directions wins as the Glee Club celebrates his recent win at the Sectionals.

In dreams come true She sings with New Directions in the renamed "Finn Hudson Auditorium" I lived With.


Lauren is portrayed as the "bad" girl. Her personality is comparable to that of Pucks, with the difference that Lauren never physically harmed her classmates. She is a tough and smart girl who knows exactly what she wants and knows the right means to achieve her goal. She's never got a slushie in her face, which shows that her classmates also know that Lauren would take revenge for it.


Unnamed wrestler

In Hello hell is mentioned when Lauren explains why she is at the Old Maid's Club