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Anne Shirley Cuthbert

season 2[Edit | Edit source]

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The second season of Anne with an E begins with Anne and how she goes on an adventure. She climbs a tree, runs through the forest and finally falls into a river.

When she comes home wet and covered in dirt, Marilla asks her to clean up before she comes into the house. In the evening, the Cuthberts have dinner with their two lodgers, Mr. Dunlop, who loves to help with the household, and Nate, who is a geologist and chemist. Together they pray and enjoy the meal.

Back at Green Gables, Anne really wants to watch Nate work as a geologist and thus come with him to his place of work. He refuses, however, and instead gives her a book to read in order to become as smart as he is. A flashback shows how Anne used to have to hold books in her arms for over an hour as a punishment in the orphanage. Jerry discovers Anne and her book in the barn. However, since Jerry cannot read, he quickly becomes jealous. But Anne decides to teach him to read.
The Cuthberts take a trip to the beach, where Anne goes swimming with Matthew. You are all very happy. The next day, Anne talks to Nate again. She says that the chapter on gold in the book he gave her was read by him particularly often. Nate is annoyed with her and screams that he can't talk about it. Later that day, Anne meets up with Diana and Ruby at the house she built for the Avonlea Stories Association to continue writing her stories. Since Ruby has no idea, Diana suggests that she write one of her "Bert" stories again. In these stories Ruby always writes about Gilbert, only he has a different name there, such as Pilbert. The two then discuss Gilbert and how he has been on the ship for over eight months. Since Diana cannot help Ruby, she asks Anne for a suggestion, which she thinks of immediately.

The next day, Anne, Marilla and Mr. Dunlop are baking together. Anne learns something about Mr. Dunlop's past. She even suggests being his sister since he has no one else left. Thus the two become friends more and more and he wins their trust.

In his shyness, Jerry is practicing writing when suddenly Nate stops by him. Jerry feels scared that he gets strangely close while writing. Jerry had the suspicion from the start that he knew the two men, but he cannot yet figure out where from. As Anne climbs up the barn, she also gets a little scared of Nate, because he drives over to her, because of the book and whether she should be bored of it long ago. Another flashback shows Anne reading under the bed in the orphanage. The guardian claims she stole the book and then tears it up. Anne explains to Nate that she finds geology exciting and he leaves them alone. Jerry is so scared that he even skips the study lesson with Anne.

In the evening, Nate and Mr. Dunlop continue to talk about their plan and Nate also mentions that Jerry doesn't know anything about them. Anne brings Mr. Dunlop an apron she made and when she goes up again, she listens to their conversation and learns that there is gold in Avonlea.

Since Mr. Dunlop is very fond of baking, the Cuthberts now have an abundance of baked goods. So Marilla gives Jerry food for his family and Anne brings Rachel Lynde a basket full over. However, Anne slips out that there is now gold in Avonlea and immediately a meeting is called in Avonlea to discuss the gold find. Nate tells everyone there that he found gold that has already been tested. He even shows everyone a certificate as proof. He suggests that anyone who wants to test their country should send a sample to New York. But of course this is a costly $ 150 per test. Nate also offers to collect the money and send it there together. Mr. Barry also offers to lend the money to those who need it. But not everyone is enthusiastic about it. But in the end Mr. Dunlop can convince most of them with a short speech. The Cuthberts decide not to test their land.

Anne then decides to tell Gilbert about the gold by writing him a letter. So she gets paper from Nate's suitcase, which turns out to be the same paper he used for the gold certificate. The latter of course notices this and is now even more cautious when it comes to Anne.

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Anne is still crazy about Nate's work. She is even allowed to look through his microscope to see where she should see the supposed gold. At first she says that she cannot see it, but when Nate tells her that the gold is only very small, she seems to recognize it.

Anne and Nate later help with setting the table, whereby Nate compliments Marilla again and thus arouses even more trust from her. When everyone is seated at the table, Nate declares that he will be digging the gold for Matthew. But Marilla makes it clear that the two siblings will not take a test. Matthew gives Anne some money as a distraction so that she can finally buy a new board that she broke earlier at school.

On the way to school, she explains to Diana that she wasn't telling the truth about Nate. She has not seen any gold, she would be too inexperienced for that. But Diana tries to cheer her up by calling Anne's imagination a gift, as she has already saved Minnie May's life with an old woman story, for example. Anne gets stuck with her scarf in a branch that reminds her of a skeleton hand. This gives her the idea of ​​a new story for the story club she runs with Diana and Ruby.

After Anne and Diana have put their milk in the river, the two notice Cole, who has just been absorbed in a drawing, and how he has grown up over the harvest holidays. Billy, who is playing with a throwing ball with his friends, accidentally throws the ball towards Cole, who then throws it back in a friendly manner. But when asked if he would like to play, he says no, which Billy doesn't think is so great.

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