How to open the control center

How to open the controller for Intel® Graphics

Under Windows 7 *, Windows 8 * / 8.1 * and Windows® 10, you can open the control for the Intel® graphics using the three methods described below. Although this option is still available, Intel recommends using the Intel® Graphics Control Room instead. To install the Intel® Graphics Control Room, please follow these instructions. For more information, see this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Before proceeding: Confirm that the Intel® Graphics Controller is installed. If it is not installed, read these installation instructions. The control of the Intel® graphics is no longer included in the DCH driver packages. It must be downloaded and installed separately. This meets the requirements of Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

Method 1: Windows Start Menu (Recommended)

Search In the Windows Start menu, look for the control for the Intel® Graphics (Intel® Graphics Control Panel). Double click The icon for the controller for the Intel® graphics. This is the recommended method and should be used on most systems.

Method 2: hotkey

You can open the controls for Intel® Graphics with a keyboard shortcut. To press Simultaneously press the CTRL + ALT + F12 keys on the keyboard.


Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can disable certain keyboard shortcuts.

Method 3: desktop mode (only for systems with older drivers)

click in desktop mode, right-click on the desktop. Choose then Intel® Graphics Settings. This method is only available for systems that already have older drivers installed.


If the context menu is not displayed after right-clicking, a Windows DCH graphics driver (Declarative Componentized Hardware) is installed on your system. When using Windows * DCH graphics drivers, the option for Intel® graphics settings is no longer available. Read more about this.

If the above methods don't work, see the information below:

See Control for Intel® Graphics Does Not Start After Installation from Microsoft® Store for troubleshooting information.