Howard m. Lefkowitz esq.

My practice includes lawsuits, trials, arbitrations, and appeals in all courts. A large percentage of my practice is representing people unlawfully terminated from their jobs and defending employers from discrimination lawsuits. Representing parties on both sides of the issue has given me a unique insight into handling employment matters and negotiating all types of employment related agreements. I also regularly defend people accused of crimes in New York State and federal court and litigate various types of commercial and business lawsuits, representing both plaintiffs and defendants. It is my goal to always be accessible to my clients and to treat them and their cases as I would a member of my family.

I do not charge for consultations.

"Jared was instrumental in obtaining a larger than expected sum from a delinquent customer. He was well organized and explained every step of the process thoroughly and in great detail. We are very happy with what Jared has been able to complete for us and highly recommend his services to others. "

- Harris Clark, Sanitary Plumbing and Heating Corp.

"Attorney Jared Lefkowitz fights my court battle as though he's fighting his own battle. He's highly recommended to any person who is interested in a victory in court."

- Victor Adodo, President, Network of Patrols, Inc.

"Jared is professional, thorough, and informative in managing his clients' legal needs and concerns. He is very knowledgeable in his practice and will discuss a client's legal situation and available options in detail, allowing his clients to make informative decisions regarding their cases. As well, Jared responds promptly and in detail to the questions and concerns of his clients throughout the process. "

- the client does not wish their name disclosed on the internet