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How to cook cauliflower

How to cook whole head of cauliflower?

When buying cauliflower, you should make sure that the flower appears beautifully white and undamaged. Pressure points and cuts result in unsightly dark areas. If you buy a cauliflower with a green or purple color, you should pay particular attention to the freshness of the vegetables and look at the closed buds. A fresh cabbage is crisp, gripped tightly and shows no open buds. You can get it fresh if you grow cauliflower yourself. If you want to cook the cauliflower whole, for example to provide a decorative focal point on a delicious vegetable platter, carefully cut the binders off the stem and remove them completely from the cauliflower. The stalk is shortened so that the cabbage has a nice standing surface. Put the cauliflower in a saucepan with salted water so that it is covered and cook it for about 30 minutes. The slightly longer cooking time is important so that the vegetables are cooked in the middle. After cooking, lift the cabbage onto the serving plate with a slotted spoon. Poured with brown butter and sprinkled with a little chopped parsley, the cauliflower is a highlight of the table.