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20 popular oracle and tarot cards

Whether a tarot or oracle set has to be given to you or whether it can call and find you that easily, is discussed again and again in the tarot scene.

Nonetheless, here are a few of the most popular tarot and oracle cards in case you want to start laying cards yourself.

Most people know Tarot as a set of 78 cards (divided into minor and major arcana) that is used for divination. But it is also a centuries-old practice that can be used to aid your intuition.

Tarot cards for beginners

Pamela Colman-Smith is the illustrator responsible for the Rider Smith Waite tarot deck.

What are oracle cards?

In contrast to Tarot, oracle cards do not follow a strict system but are individually designed and simply want to support your intuition.

An oracle deck differs from tarot because it represents a looser, more artistic exploration of your inner world.