How to catch giant pikeperch

Spin fishing for pikeperch at night

Spin fishing technique

Once the bait has been installed, you can start. You cast out the bait and guide it through the water as irregularly as possible with frequent spinning stops and speed changes. You should make sure that the bait does not sink particularly deep, but is guided just below the surface of the water. Here, too, it is not the throws towards the center of the water that are rewarded with a bite, but the throws parallel to the bank. When spinning for pikeperch you often get the bites very close to the bank. Sometimes the pikeperch follows the bait for a while and watches it closely. Only a few meters from the bank does the pikeperch snap and eat the bait. For this reason we should bring the bait far to the shore before lifting it out of the water.

In the event of a bite, you should react with one strong attack. This drives the hook into the meat and the pikeperch hangs securely on the hook. After a short drill you can usually land the pikeperch safely.