How to make a magic wand in Thaumcraft

Minecraft: Thaumcraft - Tutorial for Beginners

Thaumcraft gives Minecraft a mystical environment with many new items. Here is a little tutorial to help you get started in the mod.

Thaumcraft Tutorial # 1: Building a Magic Wand and Research Table

Thaumcraft divides all items from Minecraft into 6 basic elements and 42 subordinate elements, which are listed in the game under the term "Aspects". Using these, new things can be created or new skills learned.

  • In order to even begin you need the magic wand. To do this, open the workbench, place two Iron Caps there in diagonally opposite corners and place a stick in the middle. Done the rod.
  • In the next step you create the Reasearch Table. The recipe is simple: arrange 3 wooden slabs and 2 wooden blocks as shown in the picture on the right.
  • Make a total of three of these tables. Stand one alone in a convenient place. The other two must be next to each other.
  • Place the "Scribing Tools" on the separate table. Now the texture of the tables changes: The Research Table is now ready.
  • Then use the magic wand to right click on the individual table. This creates the Arcane Workbench, on which you craft all other Thaumcraft-specific items.

Thaumcraft tutorial # 2: crafting and scanning a thaumometer

  • With the thaumometer you examine blocks, items, as well as NPCs of all kinds for aspects and can then collect them.
  • To craft this tool you will need 2 gold bars, 1 glass block and 2 shards. Shards can be found in mines and caves. They are generated in ore blocks in 5 different colors. The color does not yet play a role in this recipe.
  • Place the glass block in the middle, the gold bars on top and bottom, and the shards on the right and left. Remove the thaumometer from the workbench and start scanning with this tool.
  • The scanning process is very simple. Hold the thaumometer with the right mouse button pressed on an object. Now the magic symbols of the aspects explained above appear. The aspects are saved in the research table. If no symbol appears, it means that you have not yet explored certain aspects.

Thaumcraft Tutorial # 3: Researching New Items and Aspects

  • Researching new aspects doesn't take that much effort. Open the Research Table and simply try out combinations of two different basic elements (primal aspects). With a little luck, a new aspect will emerge with which you can continue researching. The two boxes under the aspect symbols are intended for this.
  • If you have completed all the steps so far, the foundation stone has already been laid. Now you can use the Thaumino icon to explore the mystical world of Thaumcraft down to its deepest roots.
  • The Thauminomicon is a comprehensive encyclopedia that shows you the way to all kinds of new skills.
  • You get the book if you put a normal bookshelf on it and "enchant" it with a right click with the magic wand.

If you have mastered the basics, all options are now open to you in the game. For example, build and use an altar as explained in the next article.