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"Wiener Zeitung" founds content agency Austria

Podcasts, websites, newsletters or video contributions - a new agency of the “Wiener Zeitung” wants to develop and market all of this in the future.

The "Wiener Zeitung" expands its portfolio and founds the content agency Austria. The agency sees itself as a service provider for content marketing and corporate publishing, announced the Wiener Zeitung GmbH in a broadcast on Monday. The founding of the Content Agency Austria is a further step in "establishing the company as a digital service provider", says Martin Fleischhacker, managing director of the "Wiener Zeitung".

The new agency, which with around ten employees belongs to the portfolio of the "Wiener Zeitung Mediengruppe", is managed by Markus Graf. In addition to print products from the corporate publishing sector, the focus is on the professional conception and implementation of digital content, podcasts and their distribution via relevant channels, it said. Websites, newsletters or video contributions as well as "high quality magazines" are offered. "We see our experience in dealing with both classic editorial content and legal content as a special unique selling point," said Graf.

For the trade association, the agency has taken over the relaunch of the "retail" magazine as well as the regular production of online content and a podcast. Further new customers and projects are expected in the fourth quarter of 2020, with the focus on customers in the public and semi-public segment.