What does geographically diverse what mean

Peace issues

One speaks of diversity when different people live together. Everyone is worth the same - no matter what religion, gender or origin the person has. Diversity can take very different forms.

When people of different religions live together peacefully, one speaks of religious diversity. In this video, the three Indian boys Hammad, Sahil and Allen show that they can be good friends even with different beliefs.


What does gender diversity mean?

Gender diversity means that all gender identities are accepted. Because next to women and men there are also people whose physical gender does not match the perceived gender, this is called “transgender”.


What does diversity mean in a partnership?

There are also different forms of love, partnership and marriage. Heterosexuality means that people are interested in the opposite sex and love each other. In homosexuality, people are interested in the same sex: men love men and women love women.

“Marriage for all” was introduced in Germany last year. Same-sex couples are now allowed to marry.

What does the word "inclusion" mean?

Diversity also means that people with mental and physical disabilities participate in social coexistence. Including these people in everyone's everyday life is called “inclusion”. An example of this is the story of Mathilda. Mathilda is in a wheelchair because she cannot walk because of a disability. She goes to a normal kindergarten. Mathilda is treated in the same way as the other children and everyone plays together in such a way that their handicap is no longer an issue.


Why is diversity important?

Diversity is important because this is the only way to create very different ideas. These many ideas and different perspectives can create great new things. In an open, diverse society, everyone can feel comfortable and fully develop.