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Biometric Fraud Prevention Solutions

Fraud nipped in the bud

Nuance's fraud detection solutions track down known and unknown fraudsters who impersonate real customers. They stop criminal activity in the contact center as well as in mobile apps and on websites.

Fraudsters try to break into companies every day and steal data. Nuance Gatekeeper alerts your employees to fraud attempts in less than 10 seconds. Our new intelligent detection mechanisms stop criminals before the act. Thanks to continuous authentication, our customers can recognize when a fraudster is using stolen access data and “man-in-the-middle” attacks.

These attempts at fraud will only increase with the increase in distribution channels and e-wallets. Fraudsters do not choose an isolated point of attack when accessing accounts. Rather, they use the increasing number of channels, devices and access points. To effectively combat fraud, companies need a cross-channel security concept that can stop fraudsters at any time and at any point of attack.

Nuance is an established leader in biometrics. Our comprehensive solutions for fraud detection and prevention as well as authentication run seamlessly on a central platform in order to reduce direct financial losses to a minimum.

The comprehensive solution for fraud prevention in voice and digital channels