What does NWS mean in slang

Not work safe. Used to describe a link, picture, post, message, whatever on a message board or newsgroup thing that is inappropriate for people browing the internet at their workplace. The kind thing they could be fired for having on their screen / comp.

Man that asshole posted that fap fappic without putting NWS next to it. I nearly got fired!

by Noobert January 29, 2003

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National Weather Service; a team of highly trained meteorologists that work together to save lives and provide early weather warnings through your NWR. The NWS has multiple forecast offices across the country, and even more transmitters.

The NWS has issued a Required Weekly Test for your area beginning at 11:00 AM and ending at 11:15 AM. This is ONLY a test.

by SPC_Stampy August 03, 2016

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