Dolphin fish, how to catch carp

How do you catch carp?

Sitting comfortably by the water with a fishing rod doesn't work when it comes to carp fishing. After all, it is a real art to catch a large fish. Various factors play a role that influence whether you will be bitten. It's not just about having the right equipment. Method, technique and bait also play an important role. In this article, we're going to discuss some tips that you can apply straight away to catch a large carp.

The first tip: find the best job

Fishing spots that have been visited by many anglers before you are usually not the best choice if you want to fish carp. Places that are difficult to reach often make a better catch as there is less fishing. Carp also prefer to live in stagnant or slowly flowing waters with a soft bottom. Near the shore, carp are most likely to be found on soft muddy grounds and aquatic plants, between which they look for insects and larvae. If you pay attention, you will quickly find a good fishing spot.

Tip 2: Boilies deliver the best result

Of course, to catch carp you need good bait. Boilies are best for this. These small balls of dough have a hard outer layer, which means that small fish will not be able to nibble on this bait. The boilies are available in different flavors that attract carp to fish. You can fish with boilies all year round. In the colder months, sweet, easily digestible boilies are best. At this time the carp are not yet actively looking for food and the probability that one will bite is higher with easily digestible boilies. In summer the carp are much less picky about food and in autumn they just want to eat their fill. Nutrient-rich boilies are therefore best during these periods.

Tip 3: pre-feeding

Opinions are divided, but if you fish often in rivers or canals, pre-feeding is certainly advisable. If you feed your fishing spot in advance, the carp will be more likely to notice your fishing spot during their foray and be more inclined to stop and bite. If you sit on the bank with your fishing rod, the chances of catching one are higher.