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German version:

TIP OF THE WEEK: Cool InDesign trick part 1

Draw 9 squares in InDesign using the Rectangle Frame Tool using a cool trick!

It is simple: while - dragging with the Rectangle Frame Tool - making the square; click the right and up arrow keys on your keyboard 3 times. When you hold down the shift key at the same time, you'll make 9 squares!

To change the distance in between the squares: simply keep the selection active and press down the CTRL key (PC) or the cmd key (Mac) - located on the right side of your keyboard while clicking on the same arrow tools. Important: keep pressing the mouse down during the whole process.

Divide one image into these 9 squares: Cool Indesign Trick part 2

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German version!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Cool InDesign trick part 1

Draw 9 equal squares in InDesign with the Rectangle Frame Tool with this trick!

It's easy: If you use the rectangle frame tool - draws a square; one clicks at the same time 3 times on the right arrow key on the keyboard and 3 times on the arrow keys that point upwards. If you now have the Shift key pressed down, you can use it to create 9 squares of the same size.

Change the distance between the squares: The Keep selection still active and then the CTRL key (PC) or the cmd key (Mac) - on the right side of the keyboard - and click on the arrow keys. Important: always keep the mouse pressed!

How to put a photo in these 9 frames: Cool Indesign Trick Part 2

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