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age - The piglet stunning expert regulation continues to hang by a thread. In the run-up to the decisive meeting of the Federal Council on Friday (September 20, 2019), both the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and the German Farmers' Association (DBV) solicited approval from the federal states for the regulation. It abolishes the legal requirement for a broad application of castration under isoflurane anesthesia. To this end, the veterinary reservation that has been in force up to now is to be lifted and farmers to be able to carry out the stunning themselves. In their letters to the state government, State Secretary Dr. Hermann Onko Aeikens and the deputy DBV general secretary Udo Hemmerling face the failure of this alternative to piglet castration without anesthesia if the ordinance does not get a majority in the Federal Council. This would be at the expense of small farms in particular and would result in further structural changes in sow husbandry, Aeikens and Hemmerling state almost identically in their letters.