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How do you edit a PDF document?

The "Portable Document Format", or PDF for short, developed by Adobe is a cross-platform file formatthat reproduces documents faithfully regardless of the original application program. This eliminates the familiar conversion problems when exchanging files that were created in different programs or program versions. Many also use the format to prevent a document from being edited afterwards. But what if that is exactly what is needed? What options are there to edit a PDF file?

Common Office programs such as Word or Excel have long been able to create PDF files directly from the application. The other way around, however, is not so easy. If you want to change a PDF document afterwards, you usually need the original file, from which you can then export a new PDF. But what if you don't have this original file?

If the PDF file is not protected by a password, the document can still be edited afterwards - provided that an appropriate tool is available. There are both desktop programs for download and online tools with which you can edit PDFs in the browser. You can also edit a PDF document by converting it back to Word.