How to Install Edges on Backsplash

The easiest and cheapest backsplashes you can install in 2021 - Essen - Nc to do

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Artistically painted back wall

Artfully painted backsplash. Beth Sywassink

Bethany Sywassink-based Iowa, who runs the Sawdust & Embryos home remodeling blog, replaced the gross beige backsplash tile in their kitchen with beautiful long glass tiles. Wait, this is not a glass. This is color! Right-o. Beth ran long strips of 1/4 "painter's tape in perfect horizontal lines, followed by short vertical strips to create the look of individual tiles. Then, as Beth says, them

... wanted very contrasting colors so I have some light (ish) of course ... MORE 'travertine' looking tiles. I decided on some solid colors that look like 'glass' tiles ... so I went with solid black, silver, and dark teal (with some leftover wall paint).

I would say this falls into the "cheap" rather than the "easy" bin because I can't imagine doing all of that taping.

Costs: <>

About $ 15.00

Difficulty level:


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