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(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

basename - Returns the last part of the name of a path specification


basename (string, string =?): string

This function returns the last part of the name from a transferred character string containing the path to a file or directory.


basename () only works with the input string and does not consider the actual file system or path components such as "".


basename () respects the language settings (locale); if it is to recognize the correct name base in paths with a multi-byte character set, the appropriate language setting (locale) must be set with the setlocale () function.

Parameter list

One path.

Under Windows, both the slash () and the backslash () are used as separators for path specifications. On other operating systems, however, only the slash ().

If the part of the name ends with, it is also cut off.

Return values

Returns the final name of the passed.


Example 1 basename () example

The example shown above produces the following output:

1) sudoers 2) sudoers.d 3) passwd 4) etc 5). 6)

See also

  • dirname () - Returns the path of the parent directory
  • pathinfo () - Returns information about a file path
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