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Nokia Developer: How to Hack Windows 8 Games

A Nokia employee has posted instructions online on how to hack Windows 8 games. This is what The Verge points out. The procedure described shows how a trial version can be turned into a full version - it is not about a security hole, but about a hole in copy protection, which can be uncomfortable for game developers.

Justin Angel, who wrote the guide, points out that "games make up 51 percent of developer revenue on any mobile platform." They should also prove popular in the Windows 8 application market.

According to Angel, the "Windows 8 inherent attack vector" used can be cracked in five steps. Many trial versions saved their licenses in a file called Tokens.dat. Editing them is not difficult at all. He sees the real loophole, however, in the fact that the entire logic of the game is loaded with the trial version instead of simply letting the developers create two different app packages.

The method described can also be used to simulate in-app purchases that did not even take place. You can also turn off advertising in games - an increasingly important source of income for developers - in the way Angel described.

Trial versions of Windows 8 games quickly become full versions (screenshot: Justin Angel).

Angel works for Nokia on Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. In the footnotes to his article, he notes that he wrote the instructions in his spare time. With the publication, he wanted to stimulate an open exchange of knowledge from which both Microsoft and developers could benefit.

Trial versions are actually considered to be the weak point of many platforms. A hack for iOS had already been published this year, which bypassed the in-app payment process for virtual goods. Apple responded quickly with a fix.

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