How to Help an Alcoholic Get Sober

Helping an alcoholic stop drinking

Look out for signs of alcoholism.Someone who has an "alcohol problem" may not have crossed the line into alcoholism. An alcohol problem can be recognized and overcome by the person concerned, while alcohol addiction is a disease that cannot be cured easily. Alcohol addiction needs outside help in order to become controllable.[1]If the affected person has any of the following, it could be that he or she is an alcoholic:[2]
  • Problems at work or school. For example, if the person concerned is regularly late or does not show up at all due to a hangover.
  • Memory gaps that often occur after heavy drinking.
  • Legal problems due to drinking. If he or she is arrested for being drunk in public or drunk driving, for example.
  • Inability not to completely drink a glass of alcohol or to be around alcohol without consuming it.
  • A daily plan that already takes into account the time to drink and the subsequent hangover.
  • Relationships broken due to alcohol consumption.
  • Alcohol cravings early in the morning and withdrawal symptoms when alcohol cannot be consumed.