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Precious scallops

Scallops were already known in the Middle Ages and were used by pilgrims on the Way of St. Today we also revere the scallop for its culinary value. Find out more about the scallops from cool waters and try our delicious recipes!

Precious scallops

These mussels are particularly popular with gourmets and connoisseurs. You belong to the most precious shellfish and grow up to 14 cm. Already knew? Since the Middle Ages, scallops have been the hallmark of pilgrims on the Way of St. James to Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain and are therefore also "Pilgrim clams" or "Coquille St. Jacques" called. They belong to the scallop family and are predominantly found in cooler waters before: your habitat extends from the North coast of France Up to the Coasts of Scotland and Norway. The tender muscle meat of the scallops convinces with one nutty to slightly sweet taste. Also the "Corail", the orange-colored rye sack of the scallops is a special delicacy, but it has a more intense taste of the sea. If you prefer Corail, the scallops should only be from end of August to November eat.

Of November to March is there fresh scallops to buy while they frozen all year round are available. Scallops are poached, fried or gratinated depending on the recipe. The decorative mussel shells are very nice for filling and gratinating.

Preparation of scallops

In our video cooking school, we will show you how to prepare scallops and which kitchen utensils you need for them.

Prepare scallops

Recipes with scallops

We have delicious recipe ideas for you: Try, for example, scallops with balsamic jus, bean and spinach salad with scallops or watercress cream with fried scallops.