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Walkthrough through Pokémon X and Y (checklist)


  • Your adventure begins in Escissia.
  • Sannah and Serena or Kalem greet you in front of your house. Follow them to Watercoloria in the north.


  • Meet up with your friends, choose your starter Pokémon and receive the Pokedex. You will also receive a letter to take to your mother in Escissia.
  • At the southern exit of Watercoloria, Sannah challenges you to your first Pokémon fight.


  • Deliver the letter to your mother. For this you will receive a change of clothes and the card from her.

Nouvaria forest

  • In the Nouvaria forest you will be accompanied by Sannah. If you speak to them, your Pokémon will be healed.
  • At the exit you will receive the adventure guide, which lists some tips for Pokémon trainers.

Nouvaria City

  • Defeat the trainer standing in front of the arena to get the rollerskates.
  • Then you can enter the arena of Nouvaria City to win the order of the toddlers.
  • At the north exit of the city you will receive the EP splitter from the journalist Alba.

Illumina City

Since the city is affected by a partial power failure, you can currently only explore a small part of the city (the Südring).

  • At the entrance to the city you will meet two of Professor Platan's assistants. Follow them into town and to its laboratory.
  • After a fight against Professor Platan, you can choose one of the three Kanto starters. Professor Platan will then hand you the corresponding mega-stone.
  • Meet Serena / Kalem at Cafe Soleil, then make your way to Vanitéa.

Route 5


  • Visit the Château Tristesse. Then it's on to Route 7.

Route 7

  • Go to the bridge that Snorlax is blocking. To wake it up you need the Poké flute from the Magnum Opus Palace. You can reach this via route 6, which starts at Vanitéa.

Magnum Opus Palace

  • When you arrive at the palace, the first thing you have to do is to catch the owner's coiff weapon. You can find it in the garden on the other side of the palace in the far left quarter. In the front left quarter, there is also the VM01 cutter on the floor.
  • On the balcony of the palace (1st floor) the owner of the palace will lend you the Poké flute to thank you.

Route 7

Geolink cave

  • There are two entrances to the Geolink cave. In the north you will find a shortcut to Relievera City. For this route, however, you need the VM strength.
  • So go to the entrance in the south. This is the abbreviation for Petrophia.
  • Here you can have a nurse heal your Pokémonteam.

Route 8 (Muraille Coast Path)

  • As soon as you set foot on Route 8, your Pokédex is being upgraded by the professor's two assistants. You get the Kalos Coastal Pokédex added.
  • Jump over the stone field with the roller skates to reach the other side and with it Petrophia.


  • Kalem / Serena talks to you about the fossil laboratory and the mega developments.
  • Go to the fossil laboratory and talk to the researchers there. These send you to the luminous cave.
  • When exiting the laboratory, keep right to get to the luminous cave.

Route 9 (Rihorn Pass)

  • Right at the beginning, a rhyorn is waiting for you. You have to ride it to cross the pass. To get the big stones out of the way, all you have to do is stand in front of them and press "A".
  • In front of the entrance to the luminous cave, a woman in a red suit heals your Pokémonteam.

Luminous cave

  • Fight your way through the luminous cave to a large cave with rails.
  • This is where the first encounter with Team Flare takes place. Follow the rails and defeat the Team Flare bully in battle.
  • Kalem / Serena joins you and you fight a double fight against Team Flare Rüpel.
  • Talk to the assistant. You will receive a fossil from him. You can bring this back to life in the fossil laboratory.

id = "Route82" Route 8 (Muraille Coast Path)

  • You can reach the beach through the aquarium in Petrophia. Go this now towards the north.
  • You will receive the item radar from a swimmer.

Relievera City

  • Go / drive up the hill towards the arena. There you will get the VM04 strength from Lino.
  • Now you go to the Relievera City arena and fight your second arena fight against Lino.
  • Optionally, you can now enter the Geolink cave on top of the hill and move the stones with the VM04 strength. The shortcut between Route 7 and Relievera City is now accessible.

Route 10

  • Fight against multiple team flare bullies.


  • Follow one of the Team Flare Rüpel to the north of the city and then speak to Kalem / Serena briefly about what happened.
  • At the east exit of Cromlexia you will meet Connie again. You have to fight them in battle.

Route 11 (Miroir Way)

  • Receive a holo message from Professor Platan. He tells you about a man named Mr. Mega who can tell you more about the mega developments.
  • Optionally, you can fight a sky fight in the western part of the route.

Mirror cave

  • In the lower part of the cave you can let your team heal.
  • You will receive the TM70 Blitz from Tierno.

Yantara City

  • Walk to the north of the city. There you will meet Tierno and Trovato to compare the Pokédex.
  • Go further north to get to the Tower of Knowledge. In a room under the Lucario statue you will meet Mr. Mega and Connie. You will receive information about the mega developments from them.
  • Have a fight against Kalem / Serena. The winner should receive the mega ring. It enables some Pokémon (together with the matching development stones) to mega-evolve.
  • To get the mega-stone, you must first defeat Connie in the arena of Yantara City.
  • Now go back to the Tower of Knowledge. Once at the top you will receive the Mega Ring from Connie. One of her Lucario wants to join you and you have to fight a fight with her Lucario in the Mega Evolution.
  • Shortly before leaving the city in the direction of Route 12 you will receive the VM03 Surfer from Kalem / Serena.

Route 12 (Fourrage way)

  • A man lets you do his lapras. You have to have a free place on your team for this.
  • Cross the water with surfers. On the other side you will find the Mähikel farm and you can optionally ride a Mähikel.

Azure Bay

  • Shortly before Tempera City you can explore the north by surfer. There you get to Azure Bay.
  • In the Azure Bay you will find various items and you can fight several battles.
  • You can enter the giant sea cave, which has no function at this point.

Tempera City

  • You will receive a holo message from Kalem / Selena announcing a fight in front of the arena.
  • In the maglev station you will meet Professor Platan and Diantha. You will receive the VM02 flies from the professor. Before you can use them, you must first defeat the Tempera City arena manager.
  • Take the maglev to the summit and fight Kalem / Selena in front of the arena.
  • Defeat the arena manager Amaro in the arena of Tempera City and receive the Order of the Leaf.

Route 13 (Illumina Steppe)

  • The professor's assistants are upgrading your Pokédex again. You will now receive the Kalos Mountain Dex.
  • Defeat Team Flare Rüpel at the bridge in the northwestern part of the steppe and get his power station pass. Use the item radar for this.
  • Now you can enter the power plant.

power plant

  • Fight against different Team Flare bully and finally in the middle of the power plant against two members of the Team Flare board.
  • Now the power plant is back in operation and you can enter the northern part of Illumina City.

Illumina City

Now that the power failure has been resolved, you can explore the whole city.

  • In Illumina City you will be greeted by Sannah. Escort them to the prism tower in the middle of the city.
  • The Illumina City Pokémon Arena is located in the Prism Tower.
  • Meet Professor Platan and Flordelis in Bistro Flordelis. You can find the café in a side street of the Herbstalle.
  • Make your way to Route 14 (north exit of the city)

Route 14 (Romantia forest path)

  • Right at the beginning of Route 14 you meet Serena / Kalem who challenges you to a fight.
  • Visit the haunted house and then continue to Romantia City.

Romantia City

  • Under the big tree in the middle of the city you will find the local arena.
  • Follow Sannah and Trovato to the Poké Ball color scheme in the north of town.

Poké Ball Factory

  • Talk to Sannah on the stairs, then enter the Poké Ball Factory.
  • In the factory you have to go over the different conveyor belts and fight some team flare buffs. You can reverse the direction of the bands using a switch in the front left area.
  • On top of the scaffolding are two yellow containers: In the left one you can have a woman heal your Pokémon team, in the right one you meet a member of the Team Flare Board and two researchers. You compete against the latter in a double fight with Kalem / Serena.
  • After the fight, you will receive the master ball and a giant nugget from the boss of the Poké ball factory.

Route 15 (Brun-Weg)

  • You will receive a holo message from Flordelis.
  • You can fight in the hotel ruins and find items.

Route 16 (Tristesse path)

  • Before you head west to Friscora, you can complete several fights on Route 16, including a sky fight.
  • There is another entrance to the hotel ruin that you can also visit.
  • If you travel all of Route 16, you will come out again in Illumina City.


  • You will meet Professor Platan right at the entrance to the city. He tells you about the legendary Pokémon Xerneas / Yveltal.
  • Go to the Frost Cave in the north of the city.

Frost cave

  • Slide across the ice to find your way inside the cave (remember that you can now slide diagonally across the ice!).
  • A Pokémon Ranger heals your Pokémon team just before you encounter Team Flare.
  • Defeat Team Flare and protect the Rexblisar. As a thank you, you will receive the Rexblisarnit.

Route 17 (Mamutel path)

  • Mamutel has returned and carries you through the thick snowfield. Again you can smash the rocks with "A".
  • Kalem / Serena sends you a holo message to let you know that he / she is waiting for you in front of the arena to have another fight.

Fluxia City

  • As soon as you enter the city, you will be spoken to by the professor's assistants. Dexio tells you that there is someone in Fluxia City who is very knowledgeable about the Legendary Pokémon.
  • In front of the arena, Kalem / Serena challenges you to another fight as announced.
  • Defeat Astrid, the arena manager of Fluxia City and exit the arena.
  • You will receive a holo message from Flordelis. He reveals himself to be the leader of Team Flare and announces the use of a powerful weapon with which he threatens to destroy all people and Pokémon except Team Flare.
  • Fly to Illumina City to the Prism Tower.

Illumina City

  • Visit the Bistro Flordelis.
  • Defeat the Team Flare Rüpel and find out the secret word.
  • Stand in front of the shelf and press "A" to open the secret door to the laboratory.

Flordelis laboratory

  • As soon as you have entered the laboratory, you have to face Flordelis for the first time. As soon as you defeat him, he will tell you that a scientist in this laboratory has the elevator key. You can only get ahead with him.
  • The entire laboratory consists of arrow fields that automatically move you and warp fields. Explore the entire laboratory and defeat the Team Flare members. On the far left there is a room with beds where you can heal your team by lying down in one of the beds.


  • Follow Flordelis to Cromlexia - either by air or via Yantara City. The way from Relievera is currently blocked.
  • Go to Team Flare's secret hideout, northwest of town.
  • Defeat Flordelis one more time and then fight your way together with Serena / Kalem in several double battles to the lowest point of the secret hiding place.
  • Defeat the four Team Flare board members and free Xerneas / Yveltal. Attention: As soon as you have defeated the last of the four board members, the fight against the legendary Pokémon begins. So if you want to save before that, you should do that before you fight the last board.
  • Fight Flordelis a third time - this time he has a Mega Evolution on his side!

Route 18

  • From Fluxia City you can now make your way to Mosaia via Route 18.
  • If you want you can also explore the Omega Cave here. A part of the cave remains blocked for the time being (you can enter it as soon as you have defeated the Pokémon League).


Route 19

  • On the large suspension bridge that spans the valley, you have to complete three fights in a row: Against Sannah, Tierno and Trovato - but your Pokémon team will be healed before the last fight.

Fractalia City

  • When you arrive in Fractalia City, you find out that the local arena manager Galantho is not there at the moment. He is said to be in the maze to the south of the city.

Route 20 (maze)

  • Explore the labyrinthine. If you're in a hurry - this is the fastest way to get to the Pokémon Village: Down, left, up, down left, down, down left.

Pokémon village

  • Talk to Galantho. Then talk to the Pokémon - two of them have an item for you.

Route 20 (maze)

  • If you don't have a Pokémon who knows how to fly. The shortest way back to Fractalia City is: up, up, down right, right, up, right.

Fractalia City

Route 21 (Dernier-Weg)

  • Via Route 21 you get to the entrance of Victory Road. Alternatively, you can get there from Nouvaria City via Route 22.

Victory Road

Preparation: In order to tackle the road to victory, you need a Pokémon with a surfer and one with strength on the team. If you want to reach all of the locations (and items) along the way, you will also need Cascade and Smashers).

  • Before you can enter Victory Road, you have to win a fight against the guard at the entrance to Victory Road. His Pokémon are Rocara, Seedraking and Raichu and are around level 57.
  • In an outdoor area halfway through, you can have a ranger heal your Pokémon.
  • Nearby there is another fight between you and your rival Kalem or your rival Serena.
  • In the same outdoor area you can move a rock and create a shortcut to the entrance to the Victory Road. You can find another such abbreviation at the end of the following cave section.

Pokémon League