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Means of payment for a trip to the USA

Before traveling to the USA, the question arises as to which Means of payment: Is the old rumor true that everything in the US is paid for by credit card? Or are you better advised with cash, as you are used to in almost all other countries? And what are these travelers checks about?

You will find all the answers below: What is currently really needed and where to pay as best as possiblein order to cede as few fees as possible to the banks. Also read all about travel expenses for the USA!

Cash: Often used

First of all, the most important answer: Cash is in the USA indispensable and when traveling - with the exception of hotels - usually even the number one payment method. You should always a few hundred dollars Have a reserve in your pocket in case your credit card doesn't work, and maybe even a few more hundred dollars as a well-stowed reserve. However, you should avoid bills that are larger than $ 20 or a maximum of $ 50, as these are very reluctantly be accepted.

It is advisable to have a small amount of cash in advance of the trip to order from a local bank. The bank offers you a significantly worse exchange rate than the real one, so that you lose 5-10% on the exchange, but traveling "blind" without a US dollar in your pocket is a risk. What if the EC or Credit card not working on the first day?

Of course, you don't have to get the full cash budget at home. An amount of 250-500 US dollars is a good basis, the rest can be picked up from the machine while on vacation.

Cash at a glance
  • Usually the first choice for low entrance fees.
  • Fast food is still mostly paid for in cash.
  • You can pay cash in the diner and supermarket, but you don't have to.
  • In state and national parks, however, cash is often preferred.
  • Indispensable replacement if the credit card causes problems.
  • Elementary to Tip to be able to give.

Important: With the EC card, cash withdrawals abroad (in foreign currency) are often associated with high fees, but with some credit cards they are free. More on that in a moment.

Finally the question: Approximately how much cash do you use per day? In detail, of course, this depends on many factors, but we usually calculate roughly $ 20-25 per person per day. So for two travelers that would mean about $ 1000 over a period of three weeks.

Credit card: it’s not possible without it!

Especially with Reservations and at larger amounts the credit card is used: Without it, you cannot pre-book motels and hotels online, or even rent a rental car - you have to pay for the deposit a “real” credit card from the driver be charged.

When it comes to credit cards in the USA, a distinction is made between “credit” and “debit”, which is a little confusing for Europeans, since many new credit cards have that "Debit" very big on it. For Americans, on the other hand, most European debit cards are “real” credit cards, since by debit cards they mean something like EC cards.

The difference, by the way, is that with debit the amount is usually debited from the account immediately, while credit is only paid later, usually once a month. For better orientation: Have a Mastercard or Visa with one "Tangible" numerical relief, it is accepted as a credit card in the US.

It makes sense at least two different cards to take with you on vacation: If one does not work, has reached its limit or is temporarily blocked due to suspected fraud, you definitely need a replacement.

The following points are important when choosing the card:
  • no basic fees
  • no foreign transaction fees
  • no fees for cash withdrawals abroad
  • a "good" exchange rate
  • a sufficiently high limit

Speaking of limit: It is essential to check in advance the amount up to which a card can be used per month may be charged. Many come with a low limit (500-1500 euros) - an amount that comes together very quickly with a deposit, hotel reservations and any cash withdrawals. If necessary, ask your bank to increase the limit!

If you want to withdraw cash with the credit card at the machine, the PIN is important, which you would otherwise never need. So be sure to look it up and learn it by heart.

We even used credit cards from DKB and Barclaycard good experience.

Credit card overview
  • Is almost always mandatory when making hotel reservations.
  • Also essential when checking in at the hotel.
  • Without it, there is no rental car or mobile home.
  • At least two different cards are useful.
  • It doesn't really matter whether Visa or Mastercard.
  • Be sure to check the limit in advance.

Travelers Checks: dispensable

Until fifteen, twenty years ago Travelers Checks Almost indispensable on a tour of the USA: If you ran out of cash and the cards didn't work (which used to be more common in the past), you could always use the good old checks. You buy them before you travel and then exchange them for dollars at hotels or banks in the US. Today, however, travelers checks are almost meaningless.

Traveller's checks are still considered a secure means of payment, which can even be replaced in the event of loss and are only valid with a signature and ID, but in the majority of hotels they are no longer welcome. You can even cash in at a bank extremely awkward be. Since the combination of cash, EC and credit cards works well for the most part, there are few reasons to use travelers checks.

Overview of travelers checks
  • Safe, replaceable means of payment.
  • Almost never accepted by hotels.
  • Even banks do not or reluctantly cash traveller's checks.
  • Now actually obsolete.

our recommendation

Take two credit cards With sufficiently high limit on your trip to the USA and you can also order from your local bank Cash, the for the first few days in the USA is enough - around $ 100-200 per person makes sense. Additional cash can be withdrawn from the ATM on site as required. In our opinion, travelers checks are superfluous.