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German-Arabic dictionary

German Arabic - the most important phrases and words for download

How can I make myself understood quickly and easily if I don't speak a language? A dictionary is helpful, but full sentences may be more useful for first-time encounters and in certain situations. We have received numerous inquiries about such a communication aid in the last few weeks. While we are feverishly working on a more extensive solution, we offer the three chapters "First contacts", "Authorities" and "Health" from our phrase book Arabic as quick help.
Of course, these sentences only cover a few situations from everyday communication. We hope, however, that we can make a small contribution to better understanding.

Arabic - a language with a long tradition

For all those who are not in the know, the Arabic script consists of wondrous and fascinating characters. In addition, they are written from right to left!
And of course, Arabic is the language of the Koran and Islam and therefore has great cultural significance. But it is also the mother tongue of around 320 million people and the official language of many countries: Egypt, Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti (next to French), Eritrea (next to Tigrinja), Iraq (next to Kurdish), Israel (next to Hebrew), Yemen, Jordan, Qatar, Comoros (in addition to French and Comorian), Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco (in addition to Tamazight), Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Somalia (in addition to Somali), Sudan (in addition to English), Syria, Chad ( besides French), Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates.

The Langenscheidt German-Arabic dictionary

This dictionary offers around 50,000 headwords and phrases from standard Arabic and general German as well as from all important subject areas with the appropriate translations. Since idiomatic and colloquial expressions bring a language to life in the first place, they are taken into account accordingly in this dictionary. References to subject areas and style levels make it easier to find the right translation. In addition, Austrian and Swiss expressions are appropriately represented.

Look up on the computer at home, in the office and on the go

Regardless of whether during training or at work, anyone who is already at the computer for their foreign language studies or texts, the easiest way to look up the translations is on the Internet at Langenscheidt. Language foxes can also find the Arabic word they are looking for quickly and reliably on their smartphones in the Langenscheidt online dictionary while on vacation or on the go. Because the vocabulary provided there comes from dictionary publisher number 1 - Langenscheidt and has been checked and therefore absolutely reliable.

Learning foreign languages ​​- never as important as it is today

In a globalized world, mastering foreign languages, primarily Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Italian, is more important than ever before. But if the acquisition of the foreign language was only a few years ago and if the knowledge has not been used for a while, the foreign language is a bit rusty. Langenscheidt's online dictionary is just the right thing. Here you can professionally refresh your knowledge of Arabic or quickly and easily look up one or the other missing vocabulary.

Because Langenscheidt is a media company with a long tradition and a wide range of languages. In addition to the classic printed dictionaries, Langenscheidt also offers various high-quality digital language products and services at the highest level.