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Problems with the door - warped is not warped the same

The door is warped - this saying comes quickly when the door leaf no longer fits properly into the frame. It does not necessarily have to have changed anything on the door leaf itself. There are many different causes for such problems - and therefore also different solutions. Here's an overview.

It can happen that the door suddenly opens dragging on the ground. You have to act quickly here, because the door can cause damage, depending on the floor covering, that you cannot get rid of. The reasons can be different - for example, the door was not in the hinge for a long time and only lowered itself over the course of the months. Or the floor covering, for example made of wood, has lifted or expanded due to the humidity.

The trick with the washers

The simplest option is to put washers in the hinges so that the door hangs a little higher. You have to make sure that you get the right washers - they have to be big enough to fit the hook; the outer diameter of the discs must be so small that it does not rub against the frame. But you can get this disc in a well-stocked hardware store.

Of course, this only works if the door leaf also fits into the frame when it is lifted a little. If there is no place for it, there is no way around it, at the door below saw off a few millimeters. You should definitely use a hand-held circular saw with a guide rail, otherwise the cut will not be straight. And that is noticeable.

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It's all a question of attitude (s)

Another problem is that the door leaves gaps in two diagonally opposite corners. If you are lucky and the door is newer, you can hang the door leaf on the hinges with the help of a Allen key correct. Most of the time you can easily get to the cover of the corresponding holes, and then you have to turn the Allen screws until the door fits. The direction and number of revolutions can be determined by trial and error.

If that doesn't work, it will be difficult. Often the problem is that the frame is not installed straight. This can be checked with a spirit level. The frame can also have warped as a result of movements in the structure of the building - this happens in half-timbered buildings, for example. Then leads on installing a new frame - or the re-installation of the existing one - there is actually no way around it. You can find out more about the installation and removal of frames at a suitable point - there is no space for that. In any case, you have to be very careful not to damage the frame.

Many older frames are not designed to be removed and reinstalled. Then you have to get used to the idea of ​​buying a new frame, possibly also a new door. Because older doors don't always fit into new frames. If the door is particularly worth preserving, the carpenter can have a frame made to measure for you. But that is expensive. Or do it yourself, which is a demanding manual task.

Can work: bend the door straight

If the door no longer closes properly, then it is also due to the door leaf not a straight surface is more, but has bent. This can be seen from the fact that the door leaf protrudes from the frame at at least one point. In that case you can try to fix the sheet with screw clamps in as many places as possible on a really straight table. It is best to place square timbers between the screw clamps and the door leaf - this distributes the pressure more evenly and does not damage the leaf.

The sheet is then left on the table for at least 24 hours - the longer, the greater the chance of success. Whether it actually works depends on the extent of the damage and the type of wood. It may make sense to repeat the entire operation several times. With plastic doors you will only achieve your goal in exceptional cases, glass doors cannot of course be treated that way. You do not survive the procedure.

Steer clear of exterior doors

Mind you - we're talking about interior doors. Be careful with exterior doors - it must be ensured that drafts do not get into the house and drive up heating costs. The same warning should be issued for the apartment doors - this also includes the fact that they have to be smoke-proof for fire protection reasons. With a clear conscience, you can only recommend contacting a specialist company if you have problems with apartment and house doors.

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