How to sleep faster at night

Slim in your sleep? This simple trick will help you lose weight faster

Beauty sleep is not a myth, it really does exist: On the one hand, a growth hormone is released during sleep, which ensures that our skin can regenerate. Hello plump, radiant, healthy skin! Those who get enough sleep at night also strengthen their immune system and thus prevent numerous diseases. A new study claims to have found out that the notorious phrase “slim while sleeping” is also true - but only if nighttime sleep takes place in the pitch dark.

Slim while you sleep: The scientific study of the relationship between sleep, light and weight

The study by American scientists Yong-Moon Mark Park, Alexandra J. White and Chandra L. Jackson, recently published inJAMA Internal Medicine Journal was published, has examined both the sleep behavior and the BMI value of more than 43,000 women - over a period of more than five years. The researchers were particularly interested in the question of whether and how light affects weight at night. Many people fall asleep with the television or computer still on (helloBinge watching at Netflix) or they leave a small artificial night light on overnight.

The results of the study were unequivocal: sleeping under artificial light is a risk factor for overweight and obesity for women. Over the years, the subjects who fell asleep with a television or night light in the room had increased their BMI value by at least ten percent.

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The most dangerous is the short-wave, blue light at night

According to the researchers, the light from smartphones and laptops in particular had an extremely negative effect on sleep quality. That short-wave blue light inhibits the production of melatonin the most, whereupon the natural sleep rhythm is disturbed. In short: while you think you are sleeping peacefully for many hours, the body is signaled throughout the night that it is not really night.

With regard to weight gain, the researchers gave three specific explanations: If you sleep poorly or not enough, energy consumption decreases during the day because you are permanently tired and move less. In this way, significantly fewer calories and fat deposits are burned. If you have trouble sleeping you also have more time to eat - keyword going to the refrigerator at night. In addition, more stress hormones are released in the body, which have an unfavorable effect on the metabolism and thus also on weight.

The scientific study also produced a specific number: Compared to those who slept in complete darkness, the risk of gaining at least five kilograms was increased by 17 percent. Conversely, this means: With the simple trick of sleeping in complete darkness at night, you will definitely lose weight faster instead of gaining weight.

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