Where was Koerper filmed twice with a bicycle

By bike from the Metzstraße to the Mediterranean

No car available, but five weeks? Then get on your bike and go to Corsica! Isabell Posdziech and Felix Rochlitz from Kiel experienced an unforgettable bike adventure last summer.

Going on vacation to France in the summer is nothing unusual in itself. The way in which Isabell Posdziech (27) and Felix Rochlitz (28) did it, yes. Last year, the couple rode from Metzstraße in Kiel to Savona, Italy - by bike. At the beginning of September, a ferry took them from the coastal city to the long-awaited destination of their five-week journey - the French island of Corsica.

“We actually wanted to go by car, but we didn't have enough money,” laughs Isabell. "And we could also rule out hiking," adds Felix. Because on a previous vacation, both of them had already found out “that that's not Isis' thing,” grins Felix, who, for his part, had once already mastered Europe's most difficult long-distance hiking trail with a friend in Corsica on the GR 20.

Accordingly, the choice of the means of travel fell on own bike. "Felix had already planned a tour through Norway", Isi looks back, "but at the time the precipitation was too high there." Then I would rather go to the warm south. With the help of a navigation app, the outdoor fan, who is studying sport and economic policy for teaching in Kiel, started planning the route again. After the two-week preparatory phase, which also included the purchase of new bikes, things started at the end of July with around 40 kilograms of luggage.

But every beginning is difficult. After both of them had left Germany for a few days along the coastal cycle route for the Netherlands, they were exposed to days of rain and permanent headwinds. "After a week and a half, I had a little breakdown and didn't want to go any further," recalls Isi. But Felix turned out to be a man of action, misappropriated a clothesline for the tow rope and, despite the adverse circumstances, pulled his girlfriend up the dike behind him, despite the adverse circumstances. "Shortly before Amsterdam, I finally decided to go through with it again," says the business administration student, reflecting on the bumpy start.

Then things went uphill - in a metaphorical sense. Because thanks to the increasingly summery temperatures, the couple could finally enjoy the following days, which led them along the Rhine from the Netherlands back to Germany and then on the Moselle cycle path to Alsace. “At some point you grooved in,” says Isi, who developed a certain routine with Felix. After a day on the bike and one or the other snack, such as apples or grapes picked along the way, both cooked a warm meal in the small cooker in the evening before moving to the night in the tent.

The short trip to France was followed by the only record of the tour near Freiburg, but it was not a major obstacle. After wonderful moments in Switzerland, where both of them let themselves be carried away by the strong currents of the Rhine during a stopover in Basel, for example, things literally went uphill - the crossing of the Alps was imminent. Isi and Felix climbed the mountain pass for five days. "That was a real adventure because we hardly met anyone up there," reports Felix. The couple was rewarded twice for their exertions: on the one hand with an unforgettable view, on the other hand with the following descent. “That was my personal highlight,” said the tall model athlete enthusiastically when it went down again at up to 60 km / h.

Behind the Alps, you could really feel the south. “When we crossed the mountains, you immediately noticed that you were in a different country,” Isi describes her first trip to Italy, which is not quite an everyday occurrence, “and it was just very nice to see how nature has slowly changed . “Via the stations of Lake Como, Milan and Piedmont, the two of them reached Savona after just under five weeks, 38 stages and 3,175 kilometers, from where they took the ferry to Corsica.

And what is the conclusion of your great bike adventure - once and never again? “No, definitely not,” emphasizes Felix, “it was a great tour. We saw a lot and definitely want to go cycling again. ”How practical: The plans for the Norway trip are still in the drawer ...

Tips from Felix and Isabell for your bike adventure:

1) Bicycle: It doesn't have to be a new purchase for 2000 euros, after all, there should also be money left over for the trip itself. With a bit of luck, you can also find a good used frame on the Internet. In our experience, a steel frame with a lot of luggage is much more comfortable to drive than an aluminum frame. Most common trekking frames are welded from Cromolybdenum steel (CroMoly).
2) Saddle: You should invest a little money. After all, you spend most of the day on the saddle. A poor quality or incorrectly fitting saddle can make life quite difficult. A proven classic is, for example, the Brooks B17 leather saddle.
3) Navigation: If you look around the trekking forums, there seems to be no way around a high-tech navigation device. But it is also cheaper to use your own smartphone. With the free “Komoot” app you can plan your tours on your computer and download offline maps for little money. With Komoot you have access to OpenStreetMap and thus almost all international cycle routes with you.
4) Overnight: It is advisable to bring a tent with you. Especially in the Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland) you can even camp legally in nature thanks to the local "Allemansrätten". The Internet platform "Warm Showers" (warmshowers.org) offers a very good and free alternative. Here, people all over the world who are enthusiastic about cycling, offer their hospitality. Be it a place to sleep, a place to camp in the garden or a warm shower.

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