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Zero points

Year Country artist song Notes 1962 BelgiumFud LeclercTone nomFirst victim due to being early in the running order, also the first time one of the founding seven countries gets the nul points. SpainVictor BalaguerLlámameFirst time a now Big Five country gains the nul points. AustriaEleanor BlackOnly in the Viennese airThe NetherlandsDe SpelbrekersKatinka1963 The NetherlandsAnnie PalmsEen speeldoosFirst time a country gets nul points in consecutive years, and the first time a country gets served twice. NorwayAnita ThallaugSolhvervFirst time Norway gets served the nul points FinlandLaila HalmeMuistojeni lauluSwedenMonica ZetterlundEn gång in StockholmFirst time that Sweden was in last place, one of only two times ever. 1964 GermanyNora NovaYou get used to the beautiful so quicklyOne of the longest Eurovision title names to exist. PortugalAntónio CalvárioOraçãoFirst time a debut entry got the nul points. YugoslaviaSabahudin KurtŽivot je sklopio jugOnly last place of Yugoslavia. SwitzerlandAnita TraversiI miei pensieri1965 SpainConchita Bautista¡Qué bueno, qué bueno!First time a previous performer got the nul points. GermanyUlla WiesnerParadise where are youThe second time a country got the nul points twice. BelgiumLize brandAs het weer lente isFinlandViktor KlimenkoAurinko laskee was leaning1966 MonacoTérézaBien plus goMonaco's only brush with the zero points. ItalyDomenico ModugnoDio, come ti amoFirst time Italy had last place and the second time when a previous performer placed last with nul points. 1967 SwitzerlandGéraldine GaulierQuel cœur vas-tu briser?Last time the zero points happened on the older voting system. 1970 LuxembourgDavid Alexandre WinterJe suis tombé du cielFirst and only time Luxembourg was served the nul points. 1978 NorwayJahn TeigenMil etter milFirst time an entry gets nul points in the 12-point scoring system. Ironically, the song became a huge hit in Norway, dubbing Teigen the most famous "nul pointer" of all time. 1981 NorwayFinn KalvikAldri i livet3rd time Norway gets the nul points, also the first time under the new voting system when a country gets nul points twice. 1982 FinlandKojoNuku pommiinSecond year in a row and the third time in 4 years a Nordic country gets nul points. 1983 SpainRemedios Amaya¿Quién maneja mi barca?First time in the new voting system where two countries shared the zero points. TurkeyÇetin Alp & The Short WavesOperaFirst time Turkey gets the nul points. 1987 TurkeySeyyal Taner & LocomotifŞarkım Sevgi ÜstüneSecond time in 4 years that Turkey gets hit with the nul points. 1988 AustriaWilfried ScheutzLisa, Mona Lisa1989 IcelandDaníel Ágúst HaraldssonÞað sem enginn sérFirst time Iceland gets handed the nul points 1991 AustriaThomas ForstnerVenice in the rainAustria gets served for the second time in 3 years and third time overall. The artist finished in the top 5 only 2 years prior. 1994 LithuaniaOvidijus VyšniauskasLopšinė mylimaiSecond time a debut country is served the nul points. 1997 NorwayGate end counterSan FranciscoLast time a Nordic country gets the zero points. Norway gets zero points for a record fourth time. PortugalCelia LawsonAntes do adeusSecond time since 1983 that two countries share the nul points. 1998 SwitzerlandGunvor GuggisbergLet himLast known time Switzerland gets served nul points in a contest final. 2003 United KingdomJeminiCry babyFirst time the UK comes in last and with nul points, as well as the first English-language song to not score any points. It was such a huge disappointment that Jemini eventually split up afterwards. 2015 AustriaThe MakemakesI am yours

First time since 2003 that a country gets zero points in the final. Austria gets served for the fourth time, tying Norway's record.
Also, the host country gets zero points for the first time.

GermanyAnn SophieBlack smokeGermany is served for the first time since 1965. It is also the first time since 1997 that two countries share the zero points.