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Jaques Ranciere: The Words of History. An attempt at a poetics of knowledge. Paperback 178 pp. German 2015 - Paperback

2015, ISBN: 9783941360426

[ED: Taschenbuch], [PU: August Verlag Berlin], The new edition of The Names of History (1994), which appears here under its original title, deals with the question of how the ambivalence of history between literary-descriptive historiography and quantitative historiography can be represented linguistically. Rancière refers to the conception of history of the Annales School, founded in 1929: While the old school of historiography in the tradition of Jules Michelet dedicated itself to names and events, the ideal of the Annales consisted in the presentation of facts, material civilization and mentalities the scientific language of numbers and functions. In the critical examination of this "new history" as a science, Rancière examines which linguistic means can establish a new poetics of knowledge that combines both narrative and true speech., DE, [SC: 0.00], Neuware, Commercial Offer, 178 , Sofortüberweisung, PayPal, bank transfer
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