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How to reduce starch in potatoes

Remove excess starch from potatoes to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your potato peel.

The starch in potatoes gives them their fluffy, soft texture, but also makes potatoes rich in carbohydrates. Removing the starch will reduce the carbohydrate content, which is helpful if you are following a low carb diet. In addition, cooking potatoes with high starch makes them soft and crumbly. Remove the starch if you want to cook crispy potato dishes like french fries or hash browns.

Soak in cold water

The sticky white layer that builds up on your fingers, knife, and vegetable peeler when you peel or cut potatoes is starch. A quick rinse under cold water can wash away much of the surface thickness. More starch is removed from a sliced ​​potato than a whole peeled potato because a larger surface area is exposed on sliced ​​potatoes. Soak in cold water for as long as a few hours to remove more starch than rinsing alone. You will notice cloudiness and starch at the bottom of the bowl. Change the water occasionally, rinsing occasionally to remove starch sediment that could settle on the potatoes.

Blanch spuds

Remove even more starch from the potatoes by blanching them in hot water. The tiny granules of starch absorb the hot water until they swell and burst, which carries the starch from the potato into the boiling water. First bring water to a boil and just put the peeled potatoes in the water. Cook them for a few minutes until they fork tender but don't fall apart. The total cooking time depends on the size of the potato pieces you are blanching. After removing the potatoes from the boiling water, run them under cold water to stop the cooking process and pat them dry with lint-free towels.

Strength content by variety

Stronger potatoes, including the russet variety, have softer, fluffier insides that are good for making mashed potatoes, french fries, chips, and baked potatoes. The starches are actually desirable when making mashed potatoes or baked potatoes because they have less moisture inside and are good at absorbing liquid. This quality also results in soft pulpy centers and potatoes sticking together so starch removal is necessary to make crispy fries and chips. Medium-strength potato varieties include yellow fins, purple potatoes, and white potatoes. Starch removal is beneficial when used on gratinated potatoes, french fries, and chips, but they take less soaking time. Lower starch varieties such as ruby ​​crescents, Yukon gold and red potatoes require very little soaking time to remove the limited starch.

Get the strength

If all you want to do is reduce the amount of starch in your diet, discard those Strength and the water immediately after soaking the Potatoes. But save the starch if you want to make extra crispy hash browns, latkes or french fries. Remove the potatoes from the water, put them in a towel and squeeze out as much moisture as possible. Let the water sit for about 30 minutes for the starch to settle. Pour the water out of the bowl and leave the starch at the bottom of the bowl. Combine the starch and potatoes just before cooking.