Francisco Lachowski and Cara Delevingne Cocaine

So sad to see as model of the year Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, yeah they are beautiful but lets be honest they arent models, they are JUST famous because of their families, gossips, money and because they are from this social circle that involves taylor swift one direction justin beiber… .all the cancer nowadays, anyways, maybe I just hate or Im tired of watching everywhere the kardashians, well, kendall jenner, the both hadids, emily ratajkowski, and a lil bit Cara.FOR ME THEY ARENT MODELS , they are just playing being something because they already have the money now the fame, So, all the people that follow them are just pending of their lives, who they are dating, what are they using blah blah blah… .yeah maybe they are not the problem but Im tired of people givig them such importance …… IM TIRED !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tired as well of watching them everywhere, you can have money or don't and you can be model but they aren't, they are just famous so people that follow their lives as religion voted for them in everything, and let me tell you , they are majority of the world ... sad but true

  • Agree, I dont bother looking inside the magazines when they are on the covers… 🙁 too much!