How to program remote ncz mb1k

Send IR / RF Commands with Broadlink RM Pro

Hello, you wise people!

So i am trying to set up my Broadlink RM Mini 3 in Hassio / NR and am so far failing miserably.

I set up the RM using the app and got all my devices working there.

I added the RM in my Hassio "configuration.yaml" with the following lines:

... and then downloaded the node-red-contrib-broadlink-control to NR.

I searched the network with the "Discover" node and it found the Broadlink. So apparently NR an the RM are abled to talk.

Then i added the learn / send example, changed the IP and MAC, deployed and pressed inject on the "learning" flow. Nothing happens.

I found the explanations at and followed those, but again nothing.

I don't get what the "Catalog" field saying "D: / SharedData" in the Broadlink device config is for? Obviously there is no such directory on hassio, yet this seems to be ok? Or do i have to change that somehow?

Here is the example with my changes. What am I doing wrong?

What i ultimately want is some eight different IR commands that i can trigger from within NR. So i'd end up with eight times the above shown "send code" flow and instead of the inject-nodes i'd just hook them up to my triggers, right?